She Plays Launches PHF Fantasy Hockey App

PHF fantasy hockey is back!!

We are excited to announce our partnership with She Plays, the leader in women’s fantasy sports, for the launch of their fantasy hockey app and leagues for the 2022-23 PHF season. The app makes playing PHF fantasy hockey easier and more engaging than ever before.

She Plays is by no means new to the PHF fantasy hockey arena, but this year they are taking things to the next level. The app makes it possible for users to engage with their team(s) and league(s) can be accessed on smartphones with just a few pokes and swipes on the screen. And you can download the app on the Apple Store TODAY!

The She Plays PHF Fantasy experience will be available to Android users in the Google Play store later this week. Fans who want to make private leagues can start right now at launch. Public leagues will be added sometime this week, which means that the PHF fantasy season is officially here. So go get your friends, family members, and co-workers together because it’s time to build your leagues!

“I personally love learning more and more about the PHF and ice hockey in general,” Ashley Hart, CEO and Founder of She Plays told The Ice Garden. “They’ve worked so hard to continue to grow and expand, it felt like the perfect fit. Having every game on ESPN+ is also a great advantage for fantasy users to see their players score live and earn them fantasy points. We had a few games last season through our website and had a positive response to that, so we decided to pursue the league for games on our app. Thankfully, they have been wonderful to work with to get things going and here we are!”

This delayed start to the PHF fantasy hockey season provides fans with an opportunity to do some pre-draft homework and research to scout which players they want to target in their draft(s). You can do some of that homework by reading our PHF content here at The Ice Garden and further enrich your experience by following along with fantasy-specific PHF content from analysts and creators at She Plays.

Your Team

Total (8); Weekly roster (6)

You will be encouraged to draft at least 4 F, 3 D, and 1 G but that specific structure won’t b required. Your game-day roster will be 3 F, 2 D, and 1 FLEX player — your choice o F/D/G. That means you can make decisions based on things like injuries, favorable matchups, revenge games (everyone’s favorite), and players who are red hot.

“Fans can expect a fun, safe environment that is perfect for friendly competition among family and friends in 12-person private leagues.” Hart explained. “The same season-long fantasy games that men’s leagues have had for years are finally here for women’s leagues! You can have a fun draft night, pick your players for the season, and let the fun banter and games begin.”

Scoring Categories

  • Skaters: Goals, PPG, GWG, assist, SOG, SHG, Shootout Goal, Hat Trick, PIM, FOW, FOL, FO%
  • Goalies: Win, start, save, goal against, shutout bonus, penalty shot save, goal, assist, Sv%/

Each category has its own respective point value, which will add a lot of strategy to how teams are put together. Personally, I am thinking about which goalies are most likely to pick up assists this season. It’s also fun to think about players who are dangerous on the PK like the Riveters’ Sarah Bujold and players who are dominant on the faceoff dot.

There are a lot of factors to consider when building your roster and setting your lineup, which should reward fans who are invested and on top of trends and developments for all seven PHF teams.

We’re excited to see you build your team and to hear your banter throughout the season playing She Plays PHF Fantasy Hockey. Remember to follow our coverage of the 2022-23 PHF season right here at The Ice Garden and check in at She Plays for analysis from creators on trends and strategies that will help you take your team to the top of your league.