SB Nation’s Women’s College Hockey Division I Poll: Uniquely unmoving

21 games remain, 18 teams left to take home a trophy.

With the quarterfinals complete in most of the conferences, we have a mere 21 games remaining until a champion is crowned.  So far everything has gone chalk but one conference had a few upsets before the series ultimately went to the favorite.

1. Minnesota (25-4-1), 148 (12) — Last poll: 1

•  Last week: No Games

•  Coming Week: v Minnesota-Duluth (3/9), WCHA Championship (3/10)

The Gophers defeated the still winless Bye Week and now play Duluth in the semifinals.

2. Wisconsin (26-4-0), 137 (2) — Last poll: 2

•  Last Week: W 5-0 v St. Cloud State (3/1), W 8-0 v St. Cloud State (3/2)

•  Coming Week: v Ohio State (3/9), WCHA Championship (3/10)

The Huskies were dispatched with ease now the Badgers take on a tougher Ohio State team.

3. Northeastern (21-3-4), 117 — Last poll: 3

•  Last week: W 7-2 v Vermont (3/1), W 1-0 v Vermont (3/2)

•  Next week: @ Providence (3/9), HEA Championship (3/10)

Northeastern chased the opposing goalie in just over 11 minutes to start the series. They then let up a few soft goals before putting their foot on the gas to end game one.  In game two they netted a goal on a 90 second extra attacker effort early and never looked back, earning them this week’s “Belle’s of the Ball.” Up next is a trip to Providence to play Providence.

4. Clarkson (23-6-1), 105 — Last poll: 4

•  Last week: W 3-0 v Quinnipiac (3/1), W 4-3 OT v Quinnipiac (3/2)

•  Next week: v Colgate (3/9), ECAC Championship (3/10)

After a solid win Friday, the Golden Knights needed every second of regulation on Saturday as they tied the game in the last second before winning in overtime.  Next up is Colgate in a rematch of the ECAC title and NCAA title games from last year.

5. Cornell (16-3-6), 83 — Last poll: 5

•  Last week:  W 2-1 v Rennselaer (3/1), L 0-2 v Rennselaer (3/2), W 6-1 v Rennselaer (3/3)

•  This week: v Princeton (3/9), ECAC Championship (3/10)

One might say the Big Red threw away their shot(s) as they took a staggering 174 shots over three games scoring a grand total of 8, six of which came in the third game.  They are glad to never see Lovisa Selander again as they now play Princeton who we assume will not be allowed to build a brick wall at their goal mouth this weekend.

6. Boston College (20-10-0), 69 — Last poll: 6

•  Last week: W 4-1 v Connecticut (3/1), W 5-4 OT Connecticut (3/2)

•  Next week: v Boston University (3/9), HEA Championship (3/10)

Boston College took UConn out early Friday and then led early Saturday before the officiating derailed the Eagles helping the Huskies go up 3-1. Unusual suspects gave the Eagles the lead back before it was tied up and brought to OT where BC advanced to take on their hated neighbor next weekend in the semifinals.

7. Princeton (17-3-5), 62 — Last poll: 7

•  Last week: W 4-1 v St. Lawrence (3/1), W 6-2 v St. Lawrence (3/2)

•  This week: @ Cornell (3/9), ECAC Championship (3/10)

Compared to the rest of the ECAC the Tigers had it easy — no OTs and no losses, best you could ask for in that tournament so far.  For their reward they get to play Cornell at Cornell.

8. Boston University (16-6-7), 43 — Last poll: 8

•  Last week: W 5-1 v New Hampshire (3/1), W 3-1 v New Hampshire (3/2)

•  Next week: v Boston College (3/9), HEA Championship (3/10)

The Terriers enjoyed a boring weekend to advance and keep their tournament hopes alive as they sit squarely on the bubble. A win on Saturday is needed against the other Commonwealth Avenue school.

9. Ohio State (17-11-0), 30 — Last poll: 9

•  Last week: W 3-2 OT v Minnesota State (3/1), W 3-0 v Minnesota State (3/2)

•  Next week: v Wisconsin (3/9), WCHA Championship (3/10)

The Mavericks almost had the Buckeyes in game one but Ohio State proved to be too much and then dominated all game Saturday setting up a rematch with Wisconsin.

10. Colgate (17-8-5), 17 — Last poll: 10

•  Last week: L 2-5 v Harvard (3/1), W 4-2 v Harvard (3/2), W 5-2 v Harvard (3/3)

•  Next week: v Clarkson (3/9), ECAC Championship (3/10)

After getting beaten up by Harvard the Raiders rebounded nicely and easily advanced to take on Clarkson.

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