SB Nation’s Women’s College Hockey Division I Poll: Familiar Foes

The lack of games outside the conference has created some repetitive matchups but it does give us a better sense of where teams fall in their conferences.

There is still little consensus about how to arrange the top-5. The lack of non conference play is clearly going to make postseason seeding a problem as the PWR is currently pretty crazy. We have a few good matchup announced so we should at least get some more entertaining hockey this week.

1. Wisconsin (8-2-0), 57 (3) — Last poll: 1

  • Last week: No Games
  • Coming Week: @ Minnesota (2/5, 2/6)/

A week off before their big trip to Minneapolis should be useful. A pair of wins here will cement them among the top teams in this top tier.

2. Northeastern (11-1-1), 54 (3) — Last poll: 2

  • Last week: W 2-0 v Connecticut (1/26), W 5-0 v Merrimack (1/29), W 6-0 @ Merrimack (1/30)
  • Coming Week: TBD/

The Huskies are finally clicking. This weekend featured a pair of games they were supposed to win easily, and they did, even with running out their backups in the last game of the week. This week also proved why the fight to allow Maureen Murphy was so important as she is starting to bloom at Northeastern.

3. Ohio State (9-5-0), 49 — Last poll: 3

  • Last Week: L 4-7 v Minnesota (1/29), W 3-1 v Minnesota (1/30)
  • Coming Week: No Games/

Ohio State is on the precipice of locking themselves in as a top team. Every time they take a step forward terms of beating the good teams they then lose again. The week off will be good as OSU prepares fro the finishing sprint.

4. Minnesota (9-4-0), 43 — Last poll: 5

  • Last week: W 7-4 @ Ohio State (1/29), L 1-3 @ Ohio State (1/30)
  • Coming Week: v Wisconsin (2/5, 2/6)/

Minnesota used to be able to regularly handle Ohio State now they seem to be pretty evenly matched. The Gophers will be forced to shrug off the loss as they play host to Wisconsin which will have major impact on the standings.

5. Colgate (10-3-1), 35 — Last poll: 4

  • Last week: L 0-2 @ Clarkson (1/29), L 1-2 v Clarkson (1/31)
  • Coming Week: v Clarkson (2/5), @ Clarkson (2/7)/

If you play a team enough times you are bound to lose a couple. With the limited ECAC participants there are going to be a lot of rematches. While this weekend was unfortunate for the Raiders they still are unblemished against every other opponent.

T-6. Boston College (12-3-0), 25 — Last poll: 6

  • Last week: W 3-2 v Connecticut (1/30), W 4-0 @ Connecticut (1/30)
  • Coming Week: TBD/

Originally the Eagles were scheduled to play Boston University, but due to issues amongst the Terriers program with COVID protocols, they instead played UConn for a fourth and fifth time. The sweep wasn’t easy the whole time but two wins is two wins.

T-6. Minnesota-Duluth (8-4-0), 25 — Last poll: 7

  • Last week: W 4-1 v St. Cloud State (1/29), W 6-0 v St. Cloud State (1/30)
  • Coming Week: No Games/

Duluth is struggling to put away the bottom WCHA teams of late. The first game was a lot closer then the final score indicated and that is worrying after their pair against Bemidji.

8. Clarkson (7-5-1), 18 — Last poll: 10

  • Last week: W 2-0 v Colgate (1/29), W 2-1 @ Colgate (1/31)
  • Coming Week: @ Colgate (2/5), v Colgate (2/7)/

Looks Like Lonergan has gotten herself comfortable up north after posting all four of Clarkson’s goals this weekend. The four goals led to a sweep and becoming this week’s ‘Bells of the Ball.’ The reward for Clarkson is yet another pair of games against Colgate.

9. Providence (9-4-1), 14 — Last poll: 8

  • Last week: No Games
  • Coming Week: TBD/

The Friars had their games cancelled. They hope to get a few in this week to stay in the Hockey East race.

10. Penn State (9-1-2), 9— Last poll: 9

  • Last week: W 6-2 @ Lindenwood (1/29), T 2-2 OT @ Lindenwood (1/30)
  • Coming Week: v Robert Morris (2/5, 2/6)/

While Penn State is still way up in the PWR the tie against Lindenwood seems to have really cast some doubts among pollsters. The Nittany Lions seem all but assured to reperesent the CHA though.

Also Receiving Votes: Quinnipiac 1