SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Playoff Push

The possible permutations of results is quickly dwindling and our teams will be vying for every point they can get as we are only weeks away from crowning a champ.

Another pair of trophies was officially given out and we are now starting to have teams eliminated from competition. Wednesday marks the start of the playoffs, and it promises to e nothing if not chaotic. By this time next week at least one team in this poll will have lost in their conference tournament, but could still make the NCAA tournament.

1. Ohio State (25-6-0), 75 (4) — Last poll: 3

  • Last week: W 5-1 v Wisconsin (2/18), W 2-1 v Wisconsin (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v St. Cloud State (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

Our voters really liked their beatdown of Wisconsin, and boy was the Friday night contest thorough, which was enough to make them this week’s ‘Belles of the Ball.’ The sweep resurrected the Buckeyes hopes for home ice and they now have many paths to get it with a visit from St. Cloud State up first.

2. Minnesota (26-7-1), 74 (4) — Last poll: 1

  • Last week: W 7-1 @ St. Thomas (2/17), W 7-1 v St. Thomas (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v St. Thomas (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

The Gophers won their games, all they could do while winning a trophy. This might not impress the voters but it solidified their PWR rankings and it would take an unmitigated disaster this weekend to see them on the road in three weeks.

3. Wisconsin (23-6-4), 62 — Last poll: 2

  • Last week: L 1-5 @ Ohio State (2/18), L 1-2 @ Ohio State (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v Bemidji State (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

On the flip side the Badgers losing has caused flashing red alarms to sound throughout Madison. If the other two main conferences go chalk Wisconsin would be on the road even winning their tournament which is unheard of. All they can do this weekend though is to take care of business against Bemidji.

4. Northeastern (27-4-2), 59 — Last poll: 4

  • Last week: W 2-1 @ New Hampshire (2/15), T 4-4 OT (SOW 2-0) @ Connecticut (2/18), W 5-0 v Connecticut (2/19)
  • Coming Week: HEA Quarterfinal (2/26)/

After yet another wakeup call in Storrs, Northeastern answered with a resounding stomping of the southern Huskies. Up next is the return of Alina Mueller and a visit from the lowest remains team in Hockey East after the play in games conclude Wednesday.

5. Minnesota-Duluth (22-9-1), 39 — Last poll: 5

  • Last week: T 1-1 OT (SOL 1-2) @ St. Cloud (2/15), W 3-0 v St. Cloud State (2/18), W 4-3 v St. Cloud State (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v Minnesota State (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

This was not an impressive weekend for Duluth a tie and a dramatic comeback victory over St. Cloud do not bode well for their series against Mankato. On the other side they have two big possible wins to give them a shot at home ice.

6. Harvard (21-7-1), 38 — Last poll: T-6

  • Last week: T 3-3 OT v St. Lawrence (2/14), W 4-1 @ Rensselaer (2/18), W 3-0 @ Union (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v Princeton (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

The tie to the Saints ended up not costing them the top seed in the ECAC but it was close, and it could still bit them later, but their fate rests in their own hands.

7. Yale (22-6-1), 34 — Last poll: T-6

  • Last week: L 1-4 @ Quinnipiac (2/18), W 3-0 @ Princeton (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v St. Lawrence (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

The loss in Hamden was pretty painful, especially with the results the next day, and cost them a trophy. Add in a tough quarterfinal opponent and Yale has to play flawless the rest of the way.

8. Colgate (26-7-1), 26 — Last poll: 9

  • Last week: W 3-2 v Cornell (2/15), W 2-1 @ Clarkson (2/18), W 9-1 @ St. Lawrence (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v Cornell (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

The Raiders reward for a great last weekend? It’s just a visit from a Cornell squad that split the season series.

9. Quinnipiac (23-8-3), 20 — Last poll: 8

  • Last week: W 4-0 @ Rensselaer (2/15), W 4-1 v Yale (2/18), L 0-1 v Brown (2/19)
  • Coming Week: v Clarkson (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

The Bobcats thought they had their acts together taking out Yale, again, but must have forgotten they had one more game that weekend dropping to Brown. Now Clarkson comes in town for a series.

10. Clarkson (22-9-3), 9 — Last poll: 10

  • Last week: L 1-2 v Colgate (2/18), L 1-3 v Cornell (2/19)
  • Coming Week: @ Quinnipiac (2/25, 2/26, 2/27)/

The Golden Knights are just going to pretend like last weekend never happened. The losses sent them on the road, the only team in this poll to do so, for the weekend and leaves them squarely on the NCAA Bubble, though on the right side for now.

Also Receiving Votes: Vermont 4