Remainder of NWHL season suspended due to new positive COVID tests, safety concerns

Lake Placid has been shut down

On the eve of the 2021 NWHL Isobel Cup Semifinals being aired on NBCSN, the league has announced that the remainder of its season has been suspended. This decision was reached by the league and the Olympic Regional Development Authority.

The NWHL and the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) have agreed, due to new positive COVID-19 tests and the resulting safety concerns for the players, their respective staff and the community that the remainder of the 2021 NWHL Season and Playoffs in Lake Placid have been suspended.

This news comes just two days after the Connecticut Whale became the second team to withdraw from Lake Placid. Concerns about the reason behind the Whale’s withdrawal and numerous players not being in games because they were “unavailable” have been on everyone’s mind since Connecticut pulled out. Clearly, something has gone terribly wrong in Lake Placid.

As painful as this may be to fans and players, there really was no choice to make here. The tournament had to be shut down if things were getting out of hand — and it appears that is what has happened in Lake Placid. Needless to say, there is no knowing if and when the Isobel Cup Semifinals and Isobel Cup Final will be played, let alone if they will be on NBCSN.

A timeline of the NWHL’s Lake Placid mayhem

The real concern now is for the safety and health of players, staff, and the Lake Placid community as a whole.

The NWHL will be announcing a press conference to share information and respond to questions later today.

The Ice Garden will update this story as details continue to emerge.