Recapping S5 ‘Battle of the Blades’ sixth episode

We say goodbye to another competitor affiliated with women’s hockey

Typical recapper Jen Silber is away on vacation, but fear not! We’ve still got your Battle of the Blades recap. This episode was a good one - figure skating legends Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were this week’s guest judges, and in another twist, the episode started with the dreaded skate-off instead of ending with it.

Honestly, we’re here for the drama. Let’s get to the performances!

Recapping ‘Battle of the Blades’ fifth episode

The performances

Both Natalie Spooner and Colton Orr were in the bottom two last week, which meant they and their partners went head-to-head in the opening skate off.

Spooner and Andrew Poje went first, and they really set the tone after a disappointing performance in the week prior. While Spooner struggled with a more dramatic number and some tricky choreography, this week’s song choice was much more her speed. Poje and Spooner performed to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance,” and the fast-paced music and poppy beat went perfectly with Spooner’s seemingly limitless energy and energetic personality.

I’m taking points off for the costumes (it’s so cheesy it’s painful, was there really nothing else in the costume department that didn’t have an emoji on it??), but the performance was refreshing, especially after the previous week. There were several excellent moments in the program, but the highlight was the final lift. Earlier in the skate, Poje had lifted up Spooner in an upside down lift, which the pair repeated, but flipped - it was Spooner who lifted up Poje to thunderous applause.

It was going to be a difficult number to follow, but Colton Orr and skating partner Amanda Evora gave it their all. There’s nobody who can match Spooner’s boundless energy, so the pair opted instead to try more difficult lifts instead. Not all of them were executed perfectly, but they were impressive nonetheless; the pair executed another lift where Evora stood on Orr’s shoulder, and the audience was duly entertained.

The results

Ultimately, Spooner and Poje’s energy and chemistry were enough to beat Orr and Evora’s trickier choreography.

While we’re sad to see Orr go, we think a certain Connecticut Whale team will be excited to have their head coach back. Maybe we should watch for some lutz’s thrown into the Whale’s strategy?

The performances (continued)

After the skate-off, Spooner and Poje had to come back and perform again ahead of the finale. Each remaining team reprised a favorite skate from earlier in the season, and Spooner and Poje broke out their plaid for “Canadian Girl,” because this is Canada and Natalie Spooner, what else did you expect?

The finale is next week, and we can’t wait! Make sure you’re voting for Natalie Spooner and Andrew Poje, and perhaps pray that Spooner’s costume this week stays away from any more emojis.