Rebecca Stenberg retires from Team Sweden

After seven seasons and 98 games in a Team Sweden jersey, forward Rebecca Stenberg has called an end to her national team career. She last dressed for Sweden at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.

Stenberg, 26, debuted with Team Sweden as a U18. She scored 26 points at the senior international level, as well as two goals at the Olympics.

”For my part it feels good to have finished with an Olympics,” Stenberg told her hometown paper Piteå-Tidningen.

Stenberg isn’t stepping away from hockey entirely. She’ll continue playing in northern Sweden where she’s spent most of her pro career, first with Munksund-Skuthamns SK and then with its successor Luleå Hockey/MSSK. She’s a three-time SDHL Champion, having won twice with Luleå and once during her sole season in Stockholm with Djurgården.

Stenberg also cited lack of motivation and need for more rest as factoring in her decision: “I have been with [the team] for quite a long time and feel that the motivation for thinking about hockey 24 hours a day is not really there. I have to get breaks and focus one hundred percent on the club.”