Tracking All of the Trades, Suspensions, and Fines in the PWHL First Season

For all of the trades, suspensions, and fines in PWHL season one, look no further than here!

Tracking All of the Trades, Suspensions, and Fines in the PWHL First Season
The Battle on Bay Street between Toronto and Montréal on February 16, 2024. (Photo Credit: PWHL)

The regular season may be over already, but suspensions and fines are still being announced as we enter the playoffs. So here's a one stop shop for all of the trades that have been conducted and the fines and suspensions the league has handed out in the PWHL's inaugural season.


Team ATeam BTo Team ATo Team BDate of TradeNotes
BostonOttawaLexie Adzija (F)
Caitrin Lonergan's (F) Contract Rights
Shiann Darkangelo (F)March 18th, 2024Trade Deadline Day
MontréalOttawaAmanda Boulier (D)Tereza Vanišová (F)March 18th, 2024Trade Deadline Day
BostonMinnesotaAbby Cook (D)
Susanna Tapani (F)
Sophie Jaques (D)February 11th, 2024

Fines & Suspensions:

InfractionHow Much
/How Long
Game Between
Sarah LefortForwardMontréalSuspensionOpen ice hit on Jamie Lee RattrayOne Game*Montréal at Boston
Liz SchepersForwardMinnesotaFinedHard shoulder hit on Jill Saulnier$500Minnesota at New York
Mélodie DaoustForwardMontréalFinedGrabbed Emily Brown's facemask$250Montréal at Boston
Amanda PelkeyForwardBostonFinedUnsportsmanlike conduct in scrum$500Toronto at Boston
Jocelyn LarocqueDefenderTorontoSuspensionCross Check to head of Alina MüllerOne GameBoston at Toronto
Tereza VanišováForwardOttawaFinedBoarding against Abby Roque$250Ottawa at New York
Brittany HowardForwardTorontoSuspensionCross check to head of Catherine DaoustOne GameMontréal at Toronto
Brittany HowardForwardTorontoFinedUnsportsmanlike conduct in scrum$250Montréal at Toronto
Rebecca LeslieForwardTorontoFinedUnsportsmanlike conduct in scrum$250Montréal at Toronto
Taylor WenczkowskiForwardBostonSuspensionShoulder hit to head of Amanda BoulierOne GameBoston at Ottawa

*Sarah Lefort's suspension from May 4th was served in Montréal's first game of the playoffs against Boston