PWHL Draft Results By Team

Here's how each team drafted in the inaugural PWHL Draft!

PWHL Draft Results By Team
Billie Jean King and first overall draft pick Taylor Heise. (PWHL Twitter)

The inaugural PWHL Draft is complete! Over four and half hours, 90 players heard their names called. Here's how each team drafted, plus their already-signed free agents.


Taylor Heise (F, USA)
Nicole Hensley (G, USA)
Grace Zumwinkle (F, USA)
Maggie Flaherty (D, USA)
Susanna Tapani (F, FIN)
Clair DeGeorge (F, USA)
Natalie Buchbinder (D, USA)
Denisa Křížová (F, CZE)
Sidney Morin (D, USA)
Sophia Kunin (F, USA)
Amanda Leveille (G, CAN)
Michela Cava (F, CAN)
Liz Schepers (F, USA)
Minttu Tuominen (D, FIN)
Sydney Brodt (F, USA)

Signed free agents: Kendall Coyne-Schofield (F, USA), Kelly Pannek (F, USA), Lee Stecklein (D, USA)


Jocelyne Larocque (D, CAN)
Emma Maltais (F, CAN)
Kristen Campbell (G, CAN)
Natalie Spooner (F, CAN)
Jesse Compher (F, USA)
Kali Flanagan (D, USA)
Victoria Bach (F, CAN)
Brittany Howard (F, CAN)
Allie Munroe (D, CAN)
Mellissa Channell (D, CAN)
Maggie Connors (F, CAN)
Rebecca Leslie (F, CAN)
Hannah Miller (F, CAN)
Alexa Vasko (F, CAN)
Olivia Knowles (D, CAN)

Signed free agents: Renata Fast (D, CAN), Sarah Nurse (F, CAN), Blayre Turnbull (F, CAN)


Alina Müller (F, SUI)
Sophie Jaques (D, CAN)
Jamie Lee Rattray (F, CAN)
Loren Gabel (F, CAN)
Hannah Brandt (F, USA)
Jessica DiGirolamo (D, CAN)
Theresa Schafzahl (F, AUT)
Emily Brown (D, USA)
Taylor Girard (F, USA)
Emma Söderberg (G, SWE)
Sophie Shirley (F, CAN)
Shiann Darkangelo (F, USA)
Emma Buckles (D, CAN)
Tatum Skaggs (F, USA)
Jess Healey (D, CAN)

Signed free agents: Hillary Knight (F, USA), Megan Keller (D, USA), Aerin Frankel (G, USA)

New York

Ella Shelton (D, CAN)
Jaime Bourbonnais (D, CAN)
Jessie Eldridge (F, CAN)
Chloé Aurard (F, FRA)
Élizabeth Giguère (F, CAN)
Corinne Schroeder (G, CAN)
Jill Saulnier (F, CAN)
Brooke Hobson (D, CAN)
Jade Downie-Landry (F, CAN)
Paetyn Levis (F, USA)
Abigail Levy (G, USA)
Olivia Zafuto (D, CAN)
Kayla Vespa (F, CAN)
Emma Woods (F, CAN)
Alexandra Labelle (F, CAN)

Signed free agents: Alex Carpenter (F, USA), Abby Roque (F, USA), Micah Zandee-Hart (D, CAN)


Savannah Harmon (D, USA)
Ashton Bell (D, CAN)
Jincy Dunne (D, USA)
Gabbie Hughes (F, USA)
Hayley Scamurra (F, USA)
Daryl Watts (F, CAN)
Aneta Tejralová (F, CZE)
Katerina Mrázová (F, CZE)
Zoe Boyd (D, CAN)
Kristin Della Rovere (F, CAN)
Lexi Adzija (F, CAN)
Sandra Abstreiter (G, GER)
Amanda Boulier (D, USA)
Caitrin Lonergan (F, USA)
Audrey-Anne Veillette (F, CAN)

Signed free agents: Emily Clark (F, CAN), Brianne Jenner (F, CAN), Emerance Maschmeyer (G, CAN)


Erin Ambrose (D, CAN)
Kristin O'Neill (F, CAN)
Maureen Murphy (F, USA)
Dominika Lásková (D, CZE)
Kati Tabin (D, CAN)
Kennedy Marchment (F, CAN)
Tereza Vanišová (F, CZE)
Madison Bizal (D, USA)
Gabrielle David (F, CAN)
Maude Poulin-Labelle (D, CAN)
Jillian Dempsey (F, USA)
Claire Dalton (F, CAN)
Elaine Chuli (G, CAN)
Ann-Sophie Bettez (F, CAN)
Lina Ljungblom (F, SWE)

Signed free agents: Marie-Philip Poulin (F, CAN), Laura Stacey (F, CAN), Ann-Renee Desbiens (G, CAN)