Puckdoku Now Has a Women's Hockey Version

Every hockey fan's favorite timesuck has expanded to include PWHL players!

Puckdoku Now Has a Women's Hockey Version
Photo Credit: Michelle Jay

Hockey nerds and PWHL fans, rejoice – your favorite timesuck now has a women's hockey version for you to puzzle over.

Puckdoku, a hockey puzzle game created in conjunction with website PuckPedia, debuted its Women's Hockey grid Monday to plenty of excitement amongst fans who've already been enjoying the NHL version.

As stated in the tweet announcing the development, the women's grid will be a weekly feature through the end of the inaugural season. We should get some fun guest host announcements soon as well.

Right now, there are no photos and there's still some bugs to work out, including a couple of players who aren't recognized in some categories, but this is still an exciting development and a welcome one for someone who enjoys wasting quite a bit of time trying to get every square filled on the men's grids.

(And, just in case you're wondering... the TIG staff is having a great time trying to see who gets the best Uniqueness score. Right now, I'm almost positive Geremy is in the lead, but J has the most unique single choice. Up to y'all to figure out who that is, though... have fun!)