Previewing the USA/Canada U18 and U22 Series

The Team USA and Team Canada U18 and U22 teams are set to face off for their annual summer series.

Tomorrow, Team USA and Team Canada will square off for their annual U18 and U22 Series in Lake Placid, New York. Both teams have announced their rosters, and based on that alone we can expect a fun, competitive set of games between the two pairs of teams.


Games will be played on Wednesday, Aug. 14, Thursday, Aug. 15, and Saturday, Aug. 17. The U18 game will start at 4 p.m. eastern and the U22 game at 7 p.m.

All games in the three games series can be streamed on HockeyTV.

Team Canada U18

Forwards: Lindsay Bochna, Jaden Bogden, Jenna Buglioni, Anne Cherkowski (A), Aly McLeod, Ann-Frederik Naud, Sarah Paul, Marianne Picard, Sarah Thompson, Taze Thompson, Maddi Wheeler, Tatum White, Sarah Wozniewicz
Defenders: Kristina Mahl, Kendall Cooper (C), Dominique Cormier, Tamara Giaquint, , Nicole Gosling (A), Charli Kettyle, Ashley Messier
Goalies: Eve Gascon, Jessie McPerson, Kayle Osborne

  • The average age of this team is just a little over 16.5 years old.
  • Two players were invited to Team USA’s Festival last year (Taze Thompson, born in Michigan, and Ashley Messier).
  • Forward Jenna Buglioni, an Ohio State commit, had 75 points in 32 games last season.
  • The next highest point total on the team is Anne Cherkowski with 55 points in 28 games.
  • Wisconsin (Maddi Wheeler and Marianne Picard) Clarkson (Jaden Bogden and Nicole Gosling) are the only two programs to have more than one commit. The players committed are headed to a variety of Division I NCAA programs.
  • Returning to the U18 roster are Anne Cherkowski, Ann-Frederik Naud, Maddi Wheeler, Kendall Cooper, and Nicole Gosling./

Team Canada National Women’s Development Team

Forwards: Lindsay Agnew, Maggie Connors, Emmy Fecteau, Sarah Fillier, Julia Gosling, Ryleigh Houston, Emma Maltais, Kristin O’Neill (A), Amy Potomak, Malia Schneider, Sophie Shirley, Alexa Vasko, Audrey-Anne Veillette, Ashton Bell (A)
Defenders: Jamie Bourbonnais (C), Jessica DiGirolamo, Jalyn Elmes, Brooke Hobson, Ella Shelton, Claire Thompson
Goalies: Raygan Kirk, Kelsey Roberts, Kendra Woodland

  • Only one player on this roster, goalie Raygan Kirk, is not committed to a college program.
  • Three are in or committed to USports programs: goalies Kelsey Roberts and Kendra Woodland (University of Calgary and University of New Brunswick), and forward Emmy Fecteau (Concordia).
  • Princeton’s Sarah Fillier had the highest point total last season with 77 (22 goals, 35 assists).
  • Nine players compete or will compete in ECAC play, while six compete or will compete in the WCHA.
  • Returning to the NWDT are Maggie Connors, Sarah Fillier, Julia Gosling, Emma Maltais, Kristin O’Neill, Amy Potomak, Sophie Shirley, Jambie Bourbonnais, Raygan Kirk, and Kendra Woodland.
  • Captain Jamie Bourbonnais was a part of senior Canadian team at the 2019 Women’s World Championships./

Team USA U18

Forwards: Ellie Bayard, Danielle Burgen, Kathryn Davis, Lacey Eden, Peyton Hemp, Ella Huber, Gabby Krause, Abbey Murphey, Clara Van Wieren, Makenna Webster, Audrey Wethington Kiara Zanon
Defenders: Mia Biotti, Brenna Fuhrman, Rory Guilday, Caroline Harvey, Lyndie Lobdell, Maggie Nicholson, Madison Samoskevich, Haley Winn
Goalies: Amanda Thiele, Skylar Vetter

  • This team is slightly younger on average than the Canadian U18 team, but not by much.
  • Six players are committed to play at the University of Minnesota — Peyton Hemp, Ella Huber, Abbey Murphey, Maggie Nicholson, Audrey Wethington, and Skylar Vetter. Another five will play at UMD —Davis, Krause, Van Wieren, and Fuhrman. Two have committed to play in the CHA with Penn State (Kiara Zanon and Lyndie Lobdell).
  • Lacey Eden and Makenna Webster both eclipsed 60 points in their most recent seasons.
  • At the U18 Women’s World Championship, goalie Skylar Vetter had a .922 SV%.
  • Returning to the U18 roster are Lacey Eden, Abbey Murphey, Clara Van Wieren, Kiara Zanon, Carline Harvey, Maggie Nicholson, Madison Samoskevich, Haley Winn, and Skylar Vetter./

Team USA U22

Forwards: Hannah Bilka, Sydney Brodt, Britta Curl, Clair DeGeorge, Taylor Heise, Gabrielle Hughes, Maureen Murphy, Presley Norby, Dominique Petrie, Natalie Snodgrass, Taylor Wente, Grace Zumwinkle
Defenders: Cayla Barnes, Emily Brown, Natalie Buchbinder, Skylar Fontaine, Hadley Hartmetz, Patti Marshall, Ally Simpson
Goalies: Aerin Frankel, Emma Polusny

  • Five players play with Minnesota (Taylor Heise, Taylor Wente, Grace Zumwinkle, Emily Brown, Patti Marshall), making ten overall between the two US teams.
  • Incoming Boston College freshman Hannah Bilka notched 65 points in 46 games with Shattuck St. Mary’s Prep last season.
  • The second-highest scoring forward on the roster is Maureen Murphy, who had 43 points in 37 games with Providence College last season.
  • The highest-scoring defender is Northeastern’s Skylar Fontaine, who had 36 points last season.
  • Sydney Brodt, Cayla Barnes, and Emma Polusny all have experience with the Senior US team, and all three were on the US roster for the 2019 World Championships.
  • Returning to the U22 roster are Hannah Bilka, Sydney Brodt, Britta Curl, Taylor Heise, Dominique Petrie, Cayla Barnes, and Hadley Hartmetz. /