Power Play for Planned Parenthood

Inspired by our friends at BC Interruption, we want to do some good this weekend. Also, alliteration is fun.

When we saw our friends at BC Interruption were going to be donating to BARCC, we thought we would join in this weekend of giving. Introducing: Power Play for Planned Parenthood (#PPforPP)!

Because TIG covers teams and leagues in more than one city, we wanted to support an organization that provides a variety of medical services to many all over the USA. Planned Parenthood was a perfect choice.

How does this work? Pick a team or league in women's hockey, then pledge a certain amount for every power play opportunity and goal or kill. For example, you could pledge $5 for every power play goal scored for the Boston Pride, or $1 for every power play killed in the CWHL. It can be any amount, for any power play event, for any women’s league or women’s team anywhere.

To log your pledge, fill out our form below (add any extra messages you might have in the notes section). You can see what others are pledging here. At the end of the weekend, add up your pledges and donate on your own to Planned Parenthood.