Photos: Goaltenders’ helmets

The artistic side of hockey

Look on a bench during a game. Every player has the same color helmets, sweaters, socks. The only exception: the goalie’s helmet. It’s the one spot you’ll see any artistic flair on players’ equipment.

So I spent the season photographing the details on the helmets of various goalies pairing it with tight portraits of their eyes.


Boston Pride: Brittany Ott

Favorite part: The color in the eye of the lion.

New York Riveters: Katie Fitzgerald

Significance: “So, it’s kind of a family tie. It’s kind of cool because I had Snoopy stickers on my goalie helmet when I was ten, and to have him back with me felt fitting.”

Buffalo Beauts: Brianne McLaughlin

Favorite part: The pin-up girl.


Les Candiennes de Montreal: Charline Labonté

Significance: The hand represents breaking the glass ceiling in hockey.

Boston Blades: Lauren Dahm

Favorite part: The yellow striping detail.

Toronto Furies: Christina Kessler

Significance: King Kong scaling the CN Tower is a nod to Kessler’s hometown of Toronto and her Human Evolutionary Biology studies at Harvard University.

Special guest: Boston Blades GM Krista Patronick

Significance: Ran the 2013 Boston Marathon.