NWHL historical salary information

The recent PHF news over the increase salary cap for next season has reinvigorated the chatter around salaries and cap information in the league. So let’s take a look back at the information we have from previous season - from caps to (what I thought were) relevant notes about the season to the actual reported salaries we received back when the league was reporting them.

Season overviews

2015-16 (season 1)

  • Cap - $270,000
  • Salaries reported with signings./

2016-17 (season 2)

  • Cap - $270,000 (before the cuts)
  • Salaries reported with signings.
  • Midway through the season, salaries were slashed an unreported amount./

2017-18 (season 3)

  • Cap - $100,000
  • Salaries not reported./

2018-19 (season 4)

  • Cap - $100,000
  • Salaries not reported./

2019-20 (season 5)

  • Cap - $150,000
  • Salaries only reported for some players.
  • First year of the 50/50 revenue split for the players.
  • Minnesota Whitecaps added./

2020-21 (season 6)

  • Cap - $150,000
  • Salaries not reported.
  • Toronto Six added.
  • Due to COVID, the league planned a shortened season to be played in a bubble-like over two weeks in Lake Placid. The season was postponed after an outbreak across the teams. /

2021-22 (season 7)

  • Cap - $300,000
  • Salaries not reported./

2022-23 (season 8)

  • Cap - $750,000, reportedly after a $25 million investment by the Board of Governors
  • Salaries will not be reported, account to comments made by Board of Governor chairman John Boynton to the Victory Press.
  • On April 20, they announced a salary floor of $562,500, or 75% of the salary cap. Initially, the PHF told the Victory Press and On Her Turf there will be no minimum salary nor a salary floor. On April 26, On Her Turf reported that the league would have a minimum salary of $13,500.
  • Expansion is planned for Montreal and possibly another city. /

Below is a sortable and searchable table of the salaries as reported by the league when players signed. All numbers of 2016-17 are before the cuts. These are only the players we have salary data for, not an inclusive list of all the players who have been rostered in the history of the league.

Reported Salaries

NAME15-16 TEAM15-16 SALARY16-17 TEAM16-17 SALARY19-20 TEAM19-20 SALARY
Sullivan, ToriBOS5,000.00
Putigna, ChristinaBOS5,000.00
Rheault, JennaBOS7,500.00
Fratkin, Kaleigh CTW20,000.00NYR19,500.00BOS11,000
Bender, Lexi BOS10,000.00BOS13,000
Doyle, ShannonCTW15,000.00CTW14,000.00
Orlando, ElenaNYR10,000.00
Packer, MadisonNYR15,000.00NYR15,000.00NYR12,000
Ammerman, BrookeNYR16,500.00
Babstock, KellyCTW18,000.00CTW21,000.00
Barley-Malone, ErinNYR14,000.00
Bellamy, KaceyBOS22,000.00BOS20,000.00
Belyakova, LyudmilaNYR20,000.00
Berman, LindsayCTW15,000.00
Bilic, Ivana CTW14,000.00
Bolden, BlakeBOS15,000.00BOS14,000.00
Bozek, MeganBUF22,500.00BUF22,500.00
Bram, ShelbyBUF15,000.00
Brickner, JordanCTW10,000.00CTW17,500.00
Brown, CelesteNYR15,000.00
Browne, HarrisonBUF15,000.00BUF14,000.00
Buie, CorinneBOS12,000.00BUF13,000.00
Burke, Courtney NYR17,000.00
Burns, Jordyn BUF13,500.00
Carpenter, Alex BOS19,000.00
Casorsco, Sarah BUF13,500.00
Chesson, Lisa BUF15,000.00
Connery, Nicole CTW15,000.00
Cooke, KellyBOS10,500.00
D'Oench, Miye NYR10,000.00
Darkangelo, ShiannCTW17,000.00BUF21,000.00
Decker, BriannaBOS22,000.00BOS20,000.00
Dempsey, JillianBOS10,500.00BOS13,000.00
Dosdall, KiiraNYR13,500.00NYR13,500.00
Dougherty, BrittneyCTW10,000.00
Duggan, MeghanBUF22,500.00BOS20,000.00
Engstrom, MollyCTW12,000.00CTW18,000.00
Faber, SamCTW13,500.00CTW13,000.00
Fardelmann, MeghanNYR20,000.00
Fickel, JessicaBUF15,000.00
Field, EmilyBOS13,500.00BOS11,000.00
Figueroa, GabieNYR10,000.00
Fralick, KelsieBOS10,000.00
Fritz-Ward, MorganNYR12,500.00NYR15,000.00
Fujimoto, NanaNYR21,000.00
Gagliardi, AlyssaBOS16,000.00BOS14,000.00
Gedman, MarissaBOS10,000.00
Grigg, LindsayBUF13,000.00
Gruschow, Alexa NYR12,000.00
Hanrahan, BethNYR10,500.00
Harrington, PaigeBUF10,000.00BUF10,000.00
Hickel, ZoeBOS16,000.00BOS16,000.00
Janiga, Emily BUF12,000.00
Johnson, Kaliya CTW13,000.00
Johnston, AshleyNYR14,000.00NYR13,500.00
Kessel, Amanda NYR26,000.00
Ketchum, BrayNYR14,000.00NYR15,000.00
Kidd, SydneyNYR15,000.00
Knight, HilaryBOS22,000.00BOS20,000.00
Koizumi, JessicaCTW20,500.00CTW14,000.00
Kosta, Nicole CTW15,000.00
Kunichika, KourtneyBUF10,000.00BUF11,000.00
Laden, ChelseaCTW14,000.00
Lavoie, Kristina BUF13,000.00
Leonoff, Jaimie CTW10,000.00NYR10,000.00
Leveille, Amanda BUF15,000.00
Llanes, RachelBOS10,500.00BOS12,000.00
Long, MicaelaCTW10,000.00CTW13,500.00
Lundberg, Shenae NYR15,000.00CTW15,000.00
Makela, AmandaBUF15,000.00
Mangene, Meagan CTW12,000.00
Marvin, GigiBOS20,000.00BOS20,000.00
McDonald, KellyBUF13,000.00
McGowan, HannahBUF10,000.00
McLaughlin, BrianneBUF22,000.00BUF17,000.00
McMillen, Milica NYR17,000.00
Ott, BrittneyBOS17,000.00BOS18,000.00
Pelkey, AmandaBOS13,500.00BOS17,000.00
Pfalzer, EmilyBUF21,000.00BUF22,000.00
Picard, Michelle NYR17,500.00
Rafter, TatianaBUF15,000.00NYR16,500.00
Roesler, Cydney CTW15,500.00
Russo, Rebecca NYR13,000.00
Sass, KimberlyBUF10,000.00
Schleper, Anne BUF21,000.00
Scrivens, JennyNYR10,000.00
Shin, Sojung NYR13,500.00
Skarupa, Haley CTW20,000.00
Skeats, DevonBUF15,000.00BUF14,000.00
Slebodnick, LaurenBOS12,500.00BOS10,000.00
Smelker, JordanBOS16,000.00BOS14,000.00
Smolentseva, YekaterinaCTW22,000.00
Stack, KelliCTW25,000.00CTW26,000.00
Steadman, Kelley BUF15,000.00
Stock, NicoleCTW10,000.00CTW11,500.00
Trivigno, Dana CTW20,000.00
Ward, DanielleCTW10,000.00
Weber, JanineNYR19,500.00NYR13,500.00
Williams, HayleyBUF13,000.00
Wolfheiler, AlyssaCTW10,000.00
Zach, ErinBUF13,000.00