Top Shelf Podcast Episode 14 - The Gold Medal Game Extravaganza

Relive every excruciating and exhilarating moment of the gold medal game between USA and Canada.

Hello and welcome to Top Shelf, where we keep the hot takes and the hard liquor!

This is a podcast where Michelle Jay and Hannah Bevis have a couple drinks, get a little tipsy, and talk about the biggest stories in women’s hockey. Usually we talk about a little bit of everything on this podcast from the NCAA to the NWHL and CWHL to U Sports and SDHL and AWIHL and whatever else comes up.

But this is a special episode! This is our gold medal game extravaganza!

We were inspired by Katie Nolan’s Super Bowl episode of her podcast “Sports?” Nolan, a die-hard Patriots fan, and Ashley, her producer and an Eagles fan, recorded themselves at the Super Bowl during and after key moments.

While Hannah and Michelle weren’t in the same place, they stayed on a Skype call for the whole game (Thank god for WiFi). Hannah then edited together the best parts for your listening pleasure. We screamed, we laughed, Hannah cried, Michelle tried to not fall asleep.

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(A note, there IS some swearing on this podcast. We try to keep it PG. It mostly works, but there’s definitely some extra on this episode)