How to watch the last round of Olympic Qualifiers

There are two more spots open at Pyeongchang and eight teams fighting for them this weekend.

W've finally reached the last round of qualifiers for the 2018 Olympic tournament in Pyeongchang.

There are currently two groups of four playing at two different locations. Fighting for the top spot in Group C are No. 6 Switzerland, No. 9 Czech Republic, No. 10 Denmark and No. 13 Norway. As the top ranked team, Switzerland is hosting the event in the city of Arosa.

Group D is playing in Tomakomai, Japan, and consists of host team No. 7 Japan, No. 8 Germany, No. 11 Austria and No. 12 France.

The first day of games are already over, with Japan topping Austria in a dominant 6-1 win and Germany edging out a 3-2 victory over France in Group D while Switzerland had a 6-1 win of its own over Denmark and the Czech Republic shut out Norway 5-0.

The teams have two more games, going back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday so that they’ll play every team in their group before the points are tallied for the final standings. Teams earn 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for a win in extra time and 1 point for a team that goes to extra time and loses. The winners in each division will be the final two teams to advance to the Olympic games, joining USA, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Finland and host South Korea.

Below is the remaining schedule and links to live streams:

Group C

Thursday, February 9: Switzerland 6, Denmark 1

Thursday, February 9: Czech Republic 5, Norway 0

Saturday, February 11: Switzerland v. Norway 4 AM EST Stream

Saturday, February 11: Denmark v. Czech Republic 8 AM EST Stream

Sunday, February 12: Switzerland v. Czech Republic 4 AM EST Stream

Sunday, February 12: Denmark v. Norway 8 AM EST Stream

Group D

Thursday, February 9: Germany 3, France 2

Thursday, February 9: Japan 6, Austria 1

Saturday, February 11: Germany v. Austria 10 AM EST Stream

Saturday, February 11: Japan v. France 2 PM EST  Stream

Sunday, February 12: France v. Austria  10 AM EST Stream

Sunday, February 12: Japan v. Germany 2 PM EST Stream