NWHL reveals Lake Placid logo

Plus the playoff structure

Today, the NWHL released its Isobel Cup Logo for the 2021 season in Lake Placid, NY.

The logo, designed by M Style Marketing (which has a long history with the league) will be painted on the ice at the 1980 Rink-Herb Brooks Arena. When the paint dries, we’re officially one step closer to NWHL hockey. We believe this is the first time that NWHL players will skate on an ice surface bearing the league’s logo in regular season and/or playoff action.

The six snowflakes around the outer edge of the logo represent the six teams in the league.

On Sunday, The Ice Garden’s Michelle Jay reported that the league was hosting 24 games in 14 days in Lake Placid, including a playoff round to determine the seeding for the Isobel Cup Semifinal. However, there was some confusion as to the structure of the playoff round. In addition to releasing its commemorative logo, the league also shed some light on the structure of the regular season and postseason in its press release.

The 24-game competition begins Jan. 23, with each team playing five games, followed by a playoff round that will determine the four teams advancing to the Isobel Cup Semifinals. The winners of the Semifinals will advance to the Isobel Cup Final, which will be played on Friday, Feb. 5.

As in years past, the Isobel Cup Semifinal and Final will be single elimination games, but the addition of the playoff round ensures that, despite the truncated season, there will be more NWHL postseason hockey than ever before. The details of the playoff round are, for the moment, uncertain. What we do know is that it will make up six of the 24 games and its results will provide us with the Isobel Cup semifinal matchups.

It will be a mad dash to Isobel and it all starts on Jan. 23 in Lake Placid.

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