NWHL rebrands to PHF

The NWHL is now officially the Premier Hockey Federation.

The National Women’s Hockey League is now officially the Premier Hockey Federation.

Marisa Ingemi of the Seattle Times reported as per a source, that the League would be changing the name and branding last night. The League went full send on the rebrand this morning, changing their social media handles and sending out tweets and press release. The NWHL is the PHF, effective immediately.

The move to rebrand is motivated by the league’s desire to become more gender neutral. Operating as the PHF allows athletes to define themselves based on skill, rather than gender.

“From an opportunity standpoint, it’s huge,” said Metropolitan Riveters captain Madison Packer, who’s been around since the very beginning of the league. “I understand and appreciate not having to define ourselves as female athletes anymore. Now we are defining players based on skill and what they bring to the game. This is about recognizing that regardless of gender, athletes are talented.”

The logo is supposed to pay tribute to the history of the NWHL with the black and white color scheme and stars carrying over from its previous logo. The stars form a crown to symbolize achievement and ambition of the PHF athletes. The outline of the crown also forms a “Subtle ‘W’” to represent the concept of raising women to the top.

“We’re excited to build on all of our momentum from the last year, ‘Raise the W’ and embark on this new era with our athletes, teams, partners and fans,” said commissioner Tyler Tumminia. “No labels, no limits.”

“This rebrand strategy speaks volumes about what women in sports and women in general are trying to do,” said Sammy Davis, second year player for the Boston Pride. “We’re trying to be seen for more than just being women. It’s important to be pioneers, to be first. Set the foundation and show people that it’s okay to be different and it’s okay to want change.”

As the PHF gets closer to the beginning of the season, the league will unveil new digital components, such as a website address, social media handles, and new merchandise.