Our predictions for the battle of the NWHL undefeated teams

Let us know your predictions in the comments!

This evening’s matchup between the Beauts and the Whitecaps is probably the biggest game of the season so far — two of the three unbeaten teams, and the two teams that are most tipped to meet in the Isobel Cup final, duking it out in front of a sellout crowd at the TRIA Rink. They haven’t played each other yet this season — they haven’t even played any common opponents — so who will come out on top is anybody’s guess. So, we at The Ice Garden made some predictions. Add yours in the comments!

Casey Bryant: 3-2 Whitecaps. If Elia is really out that’s a big loss in terms of shot generation. It’ll be an awesome goaltending matchup. Ultimately I think the difference will be how the Beauts defenders handle such a fast forecheck, I can see someone coughing up the puck and allowing a breakaway goal for Menke or Curtis.

Should be an awesome game but I’ll give the nod to the home team tonight then the Beauts rebound tomorrow.

Eleni Demesthihas: 3-2 Beauts. Szabados has a history of carrying teams through games they shouldn’t necessarily win. The Beauts have more scoring depth than they’ve shown so far that I think will crop up once they have an opponent that really gives them some trouble. They’ll thrive under pressure.

Beth Gannon: 2-1 Beauts, but in regulation. It will be a battle of the goalies and a low scoring game. But I don’t think they will need OT.

Sydney Kuntz: 2-1 Beauts in OT. I think it comes down to great goaltending on both sides. There’s no way it’s going to be a high scoring game. Szabados just has a tiny bit of an edge.

Mike Lopez:  5-2 Beauts. Each team’s speed will cancel out the other’s. The Beauts have a deeper D group and Szabados is a brick wall. Leveille is gonna get peppered with shots. I can see Babstock getting her 1st of the season.

Mike Murphy: 3-1 Beauts but Whitecaps score first. Beauts goaltending will be the difference.

Robyn: 3-2 Beauts. They’ll barely eke this one out but I think they’ll be able to take it. I think it’ll come down to a mistake or a turnover for whichever team wins. We may even get our first OT!

Nate Vaughan: 3-1 Whitecaps. Scams can only carry the Beauts so far without her linemate Elia. The goaltending from the Beauts will be no match for the chemistry that the Caps have built over the years.

William Whyte: 4-3 Whitecaps. I think the Beauts maybe have more depth, but one thing the double-header weekends have done is allow the Whitecaps to develop an understanding of each other in game situations faster than any other team.

Hannah Bevis: 5-3 Beauts. But, it will be 4-3 for a while until an empty net by Blake Bolden seals the deal. The Whitecaps will struggle on the power play against a stronger Beauts defense than they’re used to playing. Whichever Beauts goalie in net will hold down the fort while the Beauts offense plays a full 60 minutes against Minnesota.

Michelle Jay: 2-1 Whitecaps, or maybe 1-0. I hate making predictions, like it’s honestly my least favorite thing in the world. The game will be a goalie showdown for the ages. You know those hype videos that show goalies get scored on? You could make the opposite after this game of goalies making dope saves.