NWHL Goal of the Week: Thunderstruck

Thunstrom ends Boston’s winning streak with an exclamation mark

Prior to this weekend’s action, the Boston Pride were undefeated and were riding a record-breaking 19-game winning streak. On Saturday night, Minnesota Whitecaps All-Star Allie Thunstrom put an end to all of that.

Less than 10 seconds after Pride captain Jillian Dempsey tied the game in the final minute of regulation, Thunstrom slapped the puck away from two Boston defenders and found some open ice between her and Lovisa Selander. Thunstrom, who has one of the most underrated releases in the game, picked her corner and beat Selander over the right shoulder to score with just 47 seconds left in regulation.

The goal was Thunstrom’s league-leading 17th of the season. She added two more goals on Sunday to build on her lead. Last weekend, against the Connecticut Whale, she set a record for the most goals in an individual NWHL season (16).

Disclosure: the author of this piece is currently employed by the NWHL.

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