Whale officially release new jerseys

The Whale will return to green sweaters for the fifth season

The 2019-20 Connecticut Whale will literally look whaley different from the last two years as they’ll have new sweaters this season.

The team returns to the green jerseys, a very similar to their jerseys from the second season. However, the newest edition will have blue shoulder yolks. The popular wave design on the bottom of the sweaters and arms is staying as well.

The Whale have worn the same jerseys for the last two seasons: white with blue shoulder yolks. The second season was green, a big change from their inaugural jerseys which were blue with green shoulders.

It’s just one of many changes for the Whale this season. Their home rink moved to Danbury, Conn., and they have a new coaching staff in Colton Orr and Laura Brennan.

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