NWHL announces 2019 All-Star rosters

32 players are headed to Nashville

The teams are set to head to Nashville for the 2019 NWHL All-Star game! In a “draft” on Twitter, captains Shannon Szabados and Lee Stecklein announced their teams.

We already knew two other All Stars as Audra Richards and Emily Fluke were the winners of the Fan Vote.

Team Stecklein

  • Lee Stecklein, D, Whitecaps
  • Nicole Hensley, G, Beauts
  • Amanda Leveille, G, Whitecaps
  • Courtney Burke, D, Riveters
  • Lisa Chesson, D, Beauts
  • Alyssa Gagliardi, D, Pride
  • Michelle Löwenhielm, D, Whale
  • Emily Pfazler, D, Beauts
  • Emily Fluke, F, Whale
  • Hannah Brandt, F, Whitecaps
  • Dani Cameranesi, F, Beauts
  • Gigi Marvin, F, Pride
  • Jonna Curtis, F, Whitecaps
  • Jillian Dempsey, F, Pride
  • Allie Thunstrom, F, Whitecaps
  • Kate Schipper, F, Whitecaps/

Team Szabados

  • Shannon Szabados, G, Beauts
  • Lexi Bender, D, Pride
  • Blake Bolden, D, Beauts
  • Shannon Doyle, D, Whale
  • Amanada Boulier, D, Whitecaps
  • Savannah Harmon, D, Beauts
  • Shelly Picard, D, Riveters
  • Audra Richards, F, Riveters
  • Kendall Coyne Schofield, F, Whitecaps
  • Amanda Pelkey, F, Pride
  • Amanda Kessel, F, Riveters
  • Haley Skarupa, F, Pride
  • Kateřina Mrázová, F, Whale
  • Madison Packer, F, Riveters
  • Hayley Scamurra, F, Beauts
  • Meeri Räisänen, G, Whale
  • Katie Burt, G, Pride/

On Jan. 28, the NWHL announced Burt will replace Räisänen as the Finnish goaltender is reporting to her National Team.

The Whitecaps and the Beauts will be the most represented team with eight players each. The Pride are sending six, and the Whale and Riveters round out the picks with five each.

It’s Official: 2019 NWHL All-Star Weekend to be in Nashville!