NHL Now to feature all-female broadcast

Kendall Coyne Schofield joins Jackie Redmond, Jamie Hersch, and all-star cast of analysts

Today, the NHL Network will feature its second-annual all-female broadcast.

The afternoon news show, NHL Now, will be hosted by Jackie Redmond and Jamie Hersch, with segments featuring fellow broadcasters Caley Chelios, Lauren Gardner and Lyndsay Rowley. Additionally, Minnesota Whitecaps forward Kendall Coyne Schofield will join the show, fresh off of the team’s first place finish in their inaugural NWHL season.

The first iteration of the show was a huge success, with legendary guests. Redmond described one of the more meaningful segments. “...A real full-circle moment for me was doing a roundtable which included myself, Jamie Hersch, Kathryn Tappen, and Cassie Campbell-Pascall. As a Canadian woman who grew up playing all-girls hockey, Cassie Campbell was one of my idols. She was someone I looked up to as the captain of Team Canada, she’s well-decorated, she’s awesome. I remember getting her autograph as a kid at a hockey tournament that I played in.”

Hersch experienced her own magic in the first broadcast. “My favorite moments were those that involved Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux, the twin sisters who had just a week prior won the gold medal at the Olympics in an epic shootout with Canada. It was so great to have them in-studio with us, sharing their experiences and breaking down some of their skills on the ice.”

It’s going to be difficult for the hosts to top those memorable moments, but both Redmond and Hersch are confident they are up to the task. Hersch can’t wait to introduce viewers to a new set of female voices, including Logan the Girl with the Hat.

Redmond is ecstatic to share the room with Coyne Schofield, who is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in North American hockey. “Seeing Kendall Coyne Schofield compete at the All-Star Weekend was a really chilling moment for me personally. So to have her in-studio, I think, is going to be an overall highlight. She brings a lot of energy to a show and to the room, and hopefully we can have her doing something where she is racing against her own time from the Skills competition. I think that’d be really fun.”

Coyne-Schofield is excited to have another opportunity to express her passion. “I am extremely honored to be a part of this historic broadcast on NHL Network,” she told The Ice Garden. “I hope our broadcast inspires a new generation of young girls to want to become on-air talent in sports.”

The young star has been shining brightly in 2019. After amazing the men’s hockey world at the NHL All-Star Game, Coyne-Schofield joined an NHL broadcast as the between-the-benches analyst. She’s been incredible on the ice as well, representing the Whitecaps at the NWHL All Star Game and scoring two goals in the team’s final two games of the regular season.

Whether on the ice or on screen, she is focused on exceptional performances. “The type of preparation changes, but the amount of preparation doesn’t. Whether I am on the ice or behind the desk, my knowledge and passion for the game does not change.”

All three women agree that the show represents an important chance to show the next generation what options are available. The representation helps to generate excitement and inspire young women to pursue their dreams - on the screen, or on the field...or ice.

Redmond says the future is bright. “It definitely feels like a special show, but I hope that the day comes where it doesn’t because it just becomes commonplace to see women working in sports. Honestly, I think we’re getting there. There are tons of women working in sports and having success and I think it just keeps getting better and growing.”