CWHL New Year's resolutions

Now that 2017 is finally here and our celebrations are finished, it's time to start making some New Year's resolutions- some more serious than others.

Earlier, we published a piece where we wrote about the New Year's resolutions we think the NWHL teams should make for 2017. Now we wanted to tell you what we think the CWHL has resolved to do as we enter the new year:

Tara Watchorn resolves to keep her lucky hairstyle

It started out with Watchorn on the losing end of a bet with Lauren Dahm, which meant the captain had to slick her hair back in a rather...unconventional...hairstyle.

It was supposed to be a one-time thing....but when Boston pulled to within one goal in their first matchup against the Furies, Watchorn decided to do it again for Sunday’s game. She then went on to score a goal and the Blades won their first game of the season. Coincidence? We think NOT!

Brampton resolves to sweep a series

It’s been a tough year for Brampton. After emerging as last year’s dark horse before falling to the eventual Clarkson Cup champion Calgary Inferno, the Thunder haven’t looked like the same team that they were last season.

They currently sit fourth in the league, behind the surging Toronto Furies and comfortably out of reach of the fifth-place Blades, but it’s clear that Brampton wants to move up in the standings.

One of the ways they can do that is to actually sweep a weekend series, something they’re still looking for this year. After getting swept in the first two weekends, Brampton has split the last five weekend series. Getting some momentum with consecutive wins is exactly what the Thunder need to get back on track.

Inferno goalies resolve to keep being brick walls

Reining Clarkson Cup champs Inferno are atop the CWHL standings, just three points above the last season’s runner-up, Les Canadiennes. That's largely thanks to their outstanding goaltending. Their three netminders - Delayne Brian, Geneviéve Lacasse, and Emerance Maschmeyer - have nearly evenly split playing time this season, a rarity in the CWHL.

All three are in the top five for goals against average, coming at first, third, and fifth respectively. They’re also all in the top four save percentages in the league as well.

Who needs a brick wall when you have the Inferno goaltenders?

Les Canadiennes resolve to win the Clarkson Cup

In the eight Clarkson Cup matchups in the history of the CWHL, the Les Canadiennes de Montreal (formerly known as the Montreal Stars) have played in six of them. Yet they’ve only lifted the Cup three times. Their last win was in 2012, despite being in the 2013, 2014, and 2015 finals.

Last season, Les Canadiennes were the regular season champions, topping the Inferno by eight points. They had 17 more goals and nearly half as many goals against than the eventual Clarkson Cup champions. Yet, at the end of the night, Les Canadiennes were left to watch their opponents lift the Cup after falling 8-3. This season, 14 games into the season, Montreal is trailing Calgary by three points, but they’re still a formidable foe, and after coming so close, Les Canadiennes are ready to win it all. Will this year be the year?

Toronto Furies resolve to win home ice for the playoffs

Yes, the Calgary Inferno are still gunning for that top spot in the playoffs. And of course you can’t count out perennial favorite Les Canadiennes, who are going to be hungrier than ever to win a title thanks to last year’s loss.

But the Toronto Furies have proven in the first half of the season that they are LEGIT, and if they keep playing the way they have been, the resolution to finish in the top two during the regular season might not seem too far-fetched.

They’re sitting comfortably in third place, and with Kessler firing on all cylinders, their new rookies shining, and veterans taking a leading role on the team, the Furies are a force to be reckoned with.