New PWHPA team to play USPHL teams in Tampa

Another five games are on tap

The PWHPA is headed back to Tampa again to play another five games against USPHL teams.

From Feb. 10 through Feb. 17, a team of 22 PWHPA players from Minnesota and New Hampshire (plus one from Calgary) will return to the USPHL Hub City Tampa for another five games. They’ll play four Tier-2 NCDC team and one Tier-3 Premier team.

They will stay again at Saddlebrook Resort, in suites away from the USPHL teams. The five games will be at three different rink locations: Advent Health Center (the same location at before), TGH Ice Plex, and Lakeland Ice Arena.  The players will have to show a negative COVID-19 test when they arrive in Florida on Feb. 8, two days before they begin play, and will test multiple times, including as they arrive and before they leave. Players who are going to New York City for the first Secret Dream Gap Tour stop will have a seven-day quarantine between these events.

This is the second time a PWHPA team will play USPHL teams in Tampa. In early January, 24 players played six games. They went 2-4, after having minimal practice time together prior to arriving while the USPHL teams had been practicing together for much longer.

The USPHL NCDC is a pre-college league. The USPHL describes itself as “a unique, tuition-free, Junior hockey division geared toward Division I collegiate development placement and beyond.”


  • Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 2 pm vs Islanders Hockey Club
  • Thursday, Feb. 11 at 9 am vs IHC Premier
  • Saturday, Feb. 13 at noon vs Hitmen Premier *
  • Monday, Feb. 15 at 11 am vs Twin City Thunder
  • Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 11 am vs Utica Jr Comets/

The games will be streamed on HockeyTV. Four of the games will be under their paid subscription while the Saturday, Feb. 11 game will be free to watch.


Forward: Abby Roque (MN), Amanda Kessel (NH), Brianna Decker (CGY), Delaney Belinskas (NH), Gigi Marvin (NH), Haley Skarupa (NH), Hannah Brandt (MN), Kelly Pannek (MN), Sophia Shaver (MN), Sydney Brodt (MN), Hayley Scamurra (NH), Samantha Donovan (MN), Demi Crossman (MN)
Defender: Jincy Dunne (NH), Savannah Harmon (MN), Megan Keller (NH), Jacquie Greco (NH), Kali Flanagan (NH)
Goaltender: Katie Burt (NH), Kimberly Sass (NH), Alex Cavallini (NH), Maddie Rooney (MN)

The roster for the second set of game looks largely similar to the first set with seven new players (denoted by italics).

The biggest loss is forward Dani Cameranesi, the points leader in the January series. She had a hand in 30 percent of the team’s goals with one goal and three primary assists. Forward Brianna Decker was initially rostered for January but did not play, and if she’s able to join them in Tampa this go around, she should help offset that loss.

The biggest change is at goaltender with three new players this month. Only Katie Burt is returning to Tampa Bay and will be joined by Kimberly Sass and Olympians Alex Cavallini and Maddie Rooney. The PWHPA let in 24 goals over six games in January.

Thought this is once again a mixed roster, having a set of games under their belt together already should help the PWHPA team having a better showing this time around in Florida.