Plays of the Week: Upset city

Boston had a pretty good weekend in hockey thanks to wins by the Blades and BU.

There’s a lot of women’s hockey that deserves to be showcased, and we want to highlight the very best every week.

Each week, we’ll ask for you to send us the top plays you see in women’s hockey, whether they be from college games, pro games, international contests or anything in-between using the hashtag #TIGTop4 (It helps us a lot if you include pictures or GIFs of the play).

From the picks you send us, we’ll select our top four, and then it’s up to you to vote for the best women’s hockey play of the week on our Twitter.

4. Kelly Babstock’s shorty

Poor Kelly Babstock. She does all this hard work by herself but picked one heck of a week to do it. She was up against some stiff competition, which meant her beautiful shorthanded effort was last on our poll this week with only five percent of the vote.

Babstock is arguably the most underrated player the NWHL, and she makes this play all by herself, poking the puck away from New York on the penalty kill, banking it off the boards to herself and making no mistake on the breakaway. Did we mention it was the game-winner?

3. Ashley Johnston’s toe drag

Considering she sliced off part of her finger (it’s ok, we promise) earlier this year, Ashley Johnston’s sure got some sweet hands.

Though she told reporters after “You’ll never see it again,” we think Johnston could probably fake out a few more defenders with this sick toe-drag. Once she dekes around her defender, it was nothing but net, said Johnston.

2. Boston Blades first win of the year

Had it been ANY OTHER WEEK, we think this play would’ve come in first.

But regardless, the Boston Blades earned the feel-good story of the year in the CWHL, earning their first win in dramatic fashion against the Toronto Furies. After coming within one goal the night before in a 4-3 loss, Lauren Dahm and co. stepped up and delivered an inspired performance.

#TheDahminator, as she’s been dubbed on Twitter, stood on her head during the game and overtime, and robbed Natalie Spooner in extra time. Boston scored twice in the shootout, Dahm said no to the Furies, and the Blades got their first W.

1. BU takes down No. 2 Minnesota

If anyone had suggested that Minnesota would allow six goals against BU, including one in overtime, I probably would’ve laughed.

Nobody’s laughing now (except BU, probably).

Boston University stunned Minnesota in an NCAA showdown for the ages, taking the lead twice before the Gophers managed to catch back up. The game eventually went to overtime, where team captain Natalie Flynn picked up a beautiful pass right in the slot and sent the Terriers home with a W. Talk about one of the top plays of 2016.