NCAA Fantasy Hockey Week 2: Weekend Preview

The weekend’s coming and that means the trade deadline’s coming! That deadline is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Thursday October 4th, send trades to Trades take place on Thursday night, so any trade you make before the deadline will be in force through Thursday’s BC/SLU game. Costs are on the costs tab on the spreadsheet, and your current roster is on the teams tab.


  • Who’s in action? Every team is playing except the Ivies (Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Yale) and Minnesota State. UConn, Holy Cross, RPI, Syracuse, and Vermont only have one game this coming week; everyone else has two except for St. Lawrence, who have three (two at New Hampshire on Friday and Saturday, and one at BC on Thursday).
  • This will be our first chance to see BU, Maine, Northeastern, New Hampshire, Syracuse and Vermont. Syracuse and Vermont have one game, the others have two./

Top teams notes

Here’s how things look for our top teams by total picks:

  • Clarkson (68 picks total): After Clarkson beat Bemidji 5-1 on Friday, Bemidji stormed back from 4-0 down to 4-3 before losing 5-3 to an empty net goal on Saturday. Kassidy Sauvé ($54.20) was in net for all three of those goals, but her weekend save % was still a respectable 0.938. This weekend Clarkson has two games against Robert Morris, who let in four goals and scored three against St Lawrence.
  • BC (60): As everyone knows, BC fell on the road to Minnesota-Duluth and, perhaps more worryingly, lost Caitrin Lonergan ($69.80) halfway through the first game to a non-contact injury. This weekend brings a game against Syracuse which should give a chance to get the wheels back on the bus, followed by a slightly tougher test against St Lawrence.
  • Wisconsin (57): Outscored Lindenwood 9-2 over two games; this weekend, have two against Mercyhurst.
  • Minnesota (51): Briefly trailed Mercyhurst in the first of two games, but ended up outscoring them 9-2 in total. This weekend, an intriguing and tough series against Minnesota-Duluth.
  • Northeastern (26): Didn’t play last weekend. This weekend, two against BU. BU’s goalie Corinne Schroeder ($30.70) seemed to be their best bet last year, but this will probably still be a good opportunity for Northeastern’s top-end forwards.
  • OSU (26): Last weekend’s two 3-2 victories over Quinnipiac are fine for the national standings, but OSU might worry about letting in four goals total from a traditionally low-scoring Quinnipiac offense. This weekend brings a two-game series against Colgate, who also let in more goals and scored fewer goals than they might have hoped last weekend.
  • Minnesota-Duluth (22): Ryleigh Houston ($18.10) scored three goals over the course of the weekend against BC and Maddie Rooney ($40.50) posted a .944 save percentage, but their highest fantasy scorer was actually Kailee Skinner ($17.70). Can they roll the confidence they’ll get from this result into a strong performance against Minnesota this weekend?
  • Colgate (20): Underperformed by going 1-1 against a depleted Penn State; their best fantasy scorer was Tanner Gates ($16.80) with 2.5 points, and Julia Vandyk’s ($39.30) 0.922 save percentage was good but not stellar, though the killer goal in the second game was an empty netter. Looking to reset against a slightly less disappointed Ohio State this weekend.
  • UConn (20): Had a great series against St Cloud last weekend, with Morgan Wabick (F, $22.4), Camryn Wong (D, $17.90) and Morgan Fisher (G, $14.40) all posting three-points weekends. This weekend, a single game against Vermont./

Intriguing series of the weekend

Keep an eye on Merrimack at Penn State. Gabby Jones ($17.20), Katelyn Rae ($37.30), Mikyla Grant-Mentis ($19.30) and Samantha Ridgewell (G, $32.50) all had three-fantasy-point series against perennial strugglebus inhabitants Union last weekend, while Penn State will be riding high after their Colgate series (in which only Kelsey Crow ($22.80) topped three points). From this series we’ll learn whether last weekend’s suspended Penn State players help or hurt the Nittany Lions, and also get insight into whether Jenna Brenneman (G, $4.50) has locked down the starting position.

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