NCAA Fantasy Hockey: Final notes before liftoff. Also, deadline is THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27th!

There <strong>is</strong> no Thursday September 28th!

A few last notes before the final rosters need to be in at 11:59 Eastern Time today, Thursday September 27th:

  • Yes, the deadline is Thursday, September 27th and not as I’d previously said Thursday September 28th. This is for two reasons: (a) There are games on Friday September 28th and (b) Thursday September 28th does not exist./

Apologies for the mix-up. It is amazing that in this day and age they haven’t invented a technology that will tell you the dates of days in the future, but until they do I assume this kind of mistake will continue to happen.

  • Some managers’ teams are still not valid, typically because of having the wrong number of goalies. I’ve mailed all those managers — check your email! If your team isn’t valid I’ll make it valid by dropping the lowest-cost players that would make it valid again (e.g.: if you have 16 skaters and 2 goalies I’ll drop your cheapest skater; if you have 4 players from Merrimack I’ll drop the cheapest one), but I’d rather not have to do that.
  • Thanks to the manager who let me know that Christi Vetter ($10.1) from Penn State will be playing this year as a postgraduate student having been a senior last year.
  • I’ve added the (enormous) Holy Cross roster to the cost sheet.
  • Anonda Hoppner ($3.1) has transferred from Colgate to Syracuse, so if you like you can “hop” over there and pick her up.
  • Because her name is Hoppner./

Best of luck to all managers out there!