Montréal Captain Shares Heartfelt Letter to Fans

"What a year it's been," writes Poulin in letter to fans.

Montréal Captain Shares Heartfelt Letter to Fans
Montréal captain Poulin reflects on season in letter to fans | Photo by Simon Hopkins

PWHL Montréal shared a heartwarming letter from captain Marie-Philip Poulin addressed to fans. The team posted the letter on social media Wednesday morning, a week after Montréal’s post-season ended at the hands of Boston.

The letter thanked fans for their season of support. Poulin said she had hoped to write the letter following a PWHL final victory, but that “wasn’t in the script for our season,” she wrote in French.

The captain reflected on a season that saw historic attendance for women’s hockey games across North America, including a 21,000-seat sellout at the Bell Centre in April.

The message was heartfelt and well received by the fans disappointed by Montréal’s quick defeat in the first round of the PWHL playoffs.

“So proud to have you represent the greatest hockey town in the world,” one X user commented.

Poulin appears in the letter to be proud of the accomplishment of completing the first every PWHL season, but reading between the lines shows she’s ready to reset and chase a championship next year.

Poulin’s letter, translated into English:

Thank you, fans!

I would have preferred to write these words a week from now, after celebrating a historic first victory in the PWHL final, but that's not what was written in the script for our season. The time between our last game against Boston and today has allowed me to reflect on what we've collectively been through this year. And what a year it's been!

This professional women's hockey league is the culmination of a shared vision, a collective dream and hard teamwork. I'm infinitely proud of the product we've offered the public and grateful for the support we've received everywhere. The Montréal market has spoiled us with its reception. We felt the support of the Quebec public from our very first skate, and it only grew during the season. Whether at home, at the Verdun Auditorium for the inaugural game, at Place Bell during the playoffs or at the Bell Centre, where we experienced a historic moment, our fans were always there. My teammates experienced great emotions, and I'll have lifelong thrills and lasting memories of the great show of love I received from the 21,105 spectators who attended the game on April 20, 2024.

People who know me know that I thrive on performance and winning. On hard work and dedication. On dedication and recognition. In this regard, I can say that we have succeeded in our team goal. Victory isn't always measured by the medals around your neck or the trophies on your mantel. Winning is also about the progress we make daily as players and, above all, as human beings. What I've seen in my Montréal team and across the league this season are players who have earned the love of their fans, the respect of their peers and the chance to make a living from their passion.

To all the young girls who have followed us, I have a message for you: On your journey, you will face adversity, failure and defeat. See these obstacles as a springboard, not as an end in themselves. We grow much more in difficult times than on a road already travelled. With willpower and passion, all goals are attainable.

Before saying until next time, I'd like to thank the media who followed us throughout the season, our official broadcasters, the many partners who embarked on the PWHL adventure, the coaching and support staff of the Montréal team, my extraordinary teammates, and finally you, the fans, who showed us that our market was more than ready for a professional women's hockey team. I look forward to seeing you again this fall!

Thank you so much,

Marie-Philip Poulin

Translated with assistance from DeepL Translate and Google Translate.

Edited by Simon Hopkins