Riveters re-sign Madison Packer

The Riveters have re-inked a franchise player for the 2019–20 season

The Riveters have re-signed Madison Packer for 2019–20. It’s no secret that Packer is a cornerstone of the Riveters franchise, having donned the Rosie logo since the NWHL’s first season.

Despite playing on a Riveters team that struggled offensively last season, Packer was tied for third in the league in goals with eight, matching the likes of Minnesota’s Jonna Curtis, last year’s NWHL Newcomer of the Year.

Included in the league’s release is Packer’s 2019–20 salary of $12,000. She is fourth in all-time points scored in the league with 51.

“I’m coming back for a fifth season because I am passionate about continuing my playing career and to advance the game and our league,” she said in the NWHL’s release, “I’m confident in the direction our sport is headed, and in the plan the NWHL has laid out for a strong season and positive experience for players and fans.”

Packer’s announcement follows Kaleigh Fratkin’s, making them the first two players to sign with the NWHL for the upcoming season.