MeiGray Partners with PHF Stars Carly Jackson and Madison Packer, Offering Fans Exclusive Game-Used Items

“This is an amazing opportunity to get authenticated game-used merchandise heading into a historical Season 8 in the PHF!” - Carly Jackson

For the upcoming PHF season (beginning on Nov. 5) MeiGray, the official game-worn source for multiple professional teams and leagues - including the PHF - has partnered with two players exclusively. Fans will have the opportunity to own gloves, helmets, and sticks used by Metropolitan Riveters captain Madison Packer during the league’s eighth season, as well as a goalie mask, blockers, catchers, and pads used by Toronto Six goaltender Carly Jackson.

These items will be available through multiple avenues: through’s online store, their auction platform (, or to fans who request them via email (, pending availability.

“MeiGray is extremely proud to announce Game-Used Equipment Programs with two of the Premier Hockey Federation’s biggest stars, and two builders in the sport,” said Dave Meisel, MeiGray’s Premier Hockey Federation Game-Worn Program Director. If you’ve been to a Riveters home game, All-Star, or Playoff event during the past few seasons, you’ve probably seen Dave there with a rack of game-used NWHL and PHF jerseys for sale. “These are the second and third PHF player partnerships MeiGray has entered into,” added Meisel, “after working with Rebecca Russo beginning in 2017.”

Prices on the items, in general, will start at $200 and rise due to a variety of reasons including unique characteristics, games used, performance, custom stick tape for special days like Pride, etc. MeiGray has mentioned that they will do their best to get the autographs of the players on the items if requested and ultimately, the players will have full say over how many pieces of equipment they use this season.

“The Meisel Family and MeiGray have always been collaborative and supportive of the league as a whole, in particular the athletes. They have increased their commitment and the revenue split to players over the years, an acknowledgment of the mutual value to the partnership and also returning real revenue to the hands of athletes whose apparel fans want to sport the names of,” said Packer. “This is a great opportunity to expand upon an already incredible partnership and get real game memorabilia into the hands of fans.”

MeiGray will receive a commission for each item sold, with the rest of the revenue going to the player. Both players can choose to receive an advance - a minimum guaranteed sum - upon delivering their items.

“We connected with Packer and Jackson during prior seasons and were very drawn to not just their talent, but also their incredibly warm and authentic personalities,” Meisel continued. “Our goal is to support them by applying the authentication standards that have made us the most trusted source for PHF, NHL, and NBA game-worn jerseys for decades, and by generating revenue that they will rightfully receive the majority of.”

“Finally, we’ll ensure that these historical artifacts from their careers - gloves, sticks, helmets, pads, and so on - are preserved and recognized, and put into the hands of fans that will cherish them.”

As a fan of goalies, if I knew about something like this growing up, I would definitely be interested in owning one of the fantastic masks we’ve seen goalies wear throughout hockey history. It’s really neat to think that someone now has that chance to one day own a mask that was worn by a player such as Jackson.

“MeiGray once again exemplifies their commitment and expertise to bring authenticated game-used products, to fans that will cherish them most,” Jackson said. “I couldn’t be more proud to partner with MeiGray, which continues to invest and raise the bar for athletes, teams, and fans. This is an amazing opportunity to get authenticated game-used merchandise heading into a historical Season 8 in the PHF!”

Both players are obviously super popular so the partnership is a win-win for all sides, and the fan who wants some real-deal, game-used equipment from two All-Stars - this is your season to fulfill that dream.