Plays of the week: Down to the wire

This week’s poll was VERY close when it came to voting- so close we had our first tie.

There’s a lot of women’s hockey that deserves to be showcased, and we want to highlight the very best every week.

Each week, we’ll ask for you to send us the top plays you see in women’s hockey, whether they be from college games, pro games, international contests or anything in-between using the hashtag #TIGTop4 (It helps us a lot if you include pictures or GIFs of the play).

From the picks you send us, we’ll select our top four, and then it’s up to you to vote for the best women’s hockey play of the week on our Twitter.

4. Team France’s qualifier

Poor team France deserved a lot more love this week than the 9% it got on our poll this week.

Regardless of where they finished in the poll, Team France has a lot to be happy about. They won their qualifying tournament last week, which means they earned themselves a spot in the next qualifying tournament for the remaining two Olympic spots. They’ll be facing teams like Japan and Austria, but their strong performance should give them some confidence going into the Group A qualifier.

2. Boston Blades shutout AND Sojung Shin’s first shutout


So both the Boston Blade’s first regulation win in over 600 days and Sojung Shin’s first NWHL shutout ever got 29% of the vote, which means they’ll both have to share second place today.

First off, the Boston Blades put together their first winning streak in who knows how long when they beat the Brampton Thunder 4-3 in regulation. It was the first time in 648 days that the team had won in regulation. SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT DAYS. IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME (we see you, Tara Watchorn.)

On the NWHL side of things, the Riveters picked up their second shutout of the year (and also in their history) when Sojung Shin pitched a 27-save shutout against the Connecticut Whale. Thanks to Shin, Courtney Burke and Madison Packer, the Riveters are now tied for second place in the league with the Whale.

1. Poulin’s OT game-winner

Why @ hockey gods?

Marie-Philip Poulin earned first place in this week’s poll with her overtime game-winning goal to give Team Canada the win over Team USA in the inaugural December series. No, there wasn’t technically anything on the line this time, but you can’t tell me that every USA fan didn’t have flashbacks to Sochi and Vancouver when Canada tied it late and then scored in OT.