Introducing TIG’s Virtual Trivia Tuesday!

Join us once a week to test your women’s hockey knowledge.

I’m super super super excited to finally be able to announce something I’ve been working on for a while: Virtual Trivia Tuesdays on TIG’s Twitch!!

Here’s how it will work.

Each Tuesday will be a different league. We’ll start on April 7 with the NWHL. April 14 will be the CWHL/PWHPA. April 21 will be NCAA. April 28 is still up in the air as to the exact topic.

Trivia will be hosted on our Twitch channel starting at 8 p.m. It should probably take around 30-40 minutes (assuming I don’t totally mess it all up).

There’s four rounds - Last Season, Past Seasons, Way Back, and something picture based.

The questions will appear on the screen one at a time. You’ll have 30 seconds to answer each one on the provided Google Form. This will simulate the answer sheet you’d usually turn in during bar trivia (and also hopefully automate the scoring process for me). The questions cover firsts, lasts, stats, and more. You’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve studied a bit!

I’ll (hopefully) have an updated leaderboard between each round. However, the winner gets only bragging rights, sorry no prizes here.

It is meant to be played solo since everyone should be staying home. If you have an apartment/house full of fans, I’d suggest everyone playing on their own rather than as a team.

If you have questions, drop a comment or tweet me. I’ll try to answer them and then address them on the stream as well! See you all Tuesday!