Every goal scored in the USA/Canada gold medal game

There’s been several, and they’re all gorgeous.

Before we start overtime, here’s every goal that USA/Canada have scored so far:

Canada put to rest any doubters they had going into this game, scoring on their very first shot and rattling USA goaltender Nicole Hensley. Meghan Agosta came in on a 2-on-1 with Jennifer Wakefield and fired a seeing-eye shot past Hensley for the first goal of the game, putting Canada up 1-0.

The penalties came early and often for Team USA this game, particularly for Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, who the refs seemed to have a personal vendetta against (she finished with three penalties). But after killing off a Gigi Marvin penalty early, the United States seemed to settle down a bit.

After that, it didn’t take them long at all to tie it, with Kacey Bellamy firing a blast from the point that found its way past Szabados.

The second period was a tense bundle of nerves for both teams. USA took too penalties within the first ten minutes of the second, but Canada couldn’t convert on either chance. Nor could the US convert on its lone penalty chance that period with Meaghan Mikkelson in the box for hooking.

The third period started with both teams knotted up at one goal apiece, but in came Kacey Bellamy, putting Team USA on her back and finishing a crazy sequence where USA had two or three chances to put the puck away. She pinched in to the middle of the slot, where Hilary Knight found her in front.

In the third period, Canada went on their fifth power play of the game and scored their second goal of the game, although it was initially ruled as a no-goal by the refs. But after further review, it became clear that the puck was very, very, VERY much in the net thanks to Brianne Jenner.