IIHF releases schedule for 2022 World Championships

Canada quest for back to back Worlds gold medals begins on Aug. 25.

Believe it or not, it’s nearly time for another World Championships.

And that’s because, for the first time, the tournament is being held in an Olympic year! The IIHF added the tournament for 2022 with Denmark being the first country to host it. This will be the first time Denmark hosts the tournament, and they’ll look to improve on their last place finish from the 2021 tournament.

The 10-team tournament will be split across two cities: Herning and Frederikshavn. Group A - USA, Canada, Finland, Switzerland and Japan - will play in Herning. Group B - Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Germany and Czechia - will play in Frederikshavn. Each city will host two quarterfinals before the semifinals and the medal games move to Herning.

After the typical round robin, all of the teams from Group A along with the top three teams from Group B with advance to the quarterfinals. The lowest ranked team will be relegated. The losers of the quarterfinals will play placement games for fifth place, and either to stay in Group A or to move up to the group for the 2023 tournament.


DateDayTime in DenmarkTime in ESTTeamTeam
Aug 25, 2022Thursday3:00 PM9:00 AMJapanUSA
Aug 25, 2022Thursday3:30 PM9:30 AMGermanyHungary
Aug 25, 2022Thursday7:00 PM1:00 PMFinlandCanada
Aug 25, 2022Thursday7:30 PM1:30 PMDenmarkSweden
Aug 26, 2022Friday6:30 PM12:30 PMSwitzerlandJapan
Aug 26, 2022Friday7:00 PM1:00 PMHungaryCzechia
Aug 27, 2022Saturday3:00 PM9:00 AMUSAFinland
Aug 27, 2022Saturday3:30 PM9:30 AMSwedenGermany
Aug 27, 2022Saturday7:00 PM1:00 PMCanadaSwitzerland
Aug 27, 2022Saturday7:30 PM1:30 PMCzechiaDenmark
Aug 28, 2022Sunday3:00 PM9:00 AMJapanCanada
Aug 28, 2022Sunday5:00 PM11:00 AMDenmarkHungary
Aug 29, 2022Monday3:00 PM9:00 AMFinlandJapan
Aug 29, 2022Monday3:30 PM9:30 AMGermanyCzechia
Aug 29, 2022Monday7:00 PM1:00 PMUSASwitzerland
Aug 29, 2022Monday7:30 PM1:30 PMHungarySweden
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday3:30 PM9:30 AMSwedenCzechia
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday4:00 PM10:00 AMSwiterzlandFInland
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday7:30 PM1:30 PMDenmarkGermany
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday8:00 PM2:00 PMCanadaUSA
Sep 1, 2022Thursday12:15 PM6:15 AMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 1, 2022Thursday4:15 PM10:15 AMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 1, 2022Thursday5:30 PM11:30 AMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 1, 2022Thursday8:15 PM2:15 PMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 3, 2022Saturday12:00 PM6:00 AMPlacementPlacement
Sep 3, 2022Saturday2:00 PM8:00 AMSemifinalSemifinal
Sep 3, 2022Saturday4:00 PM10:00 AMPlacementPlacement
Sep 3, 2022Saturday6:00 PM12:00 PMSemifinalSemifinal
Sep 4, 2022Sunday11:00 AM5:00 AM5th place5th place
Sep 4, 2022Sunday3:00 PM9:00 AMBronzeBronze
Sep 4, 2022Sunday7:30 PM1:30 PMGold Gold