If women’s hockey teams adopted dogs...

They’d all be the h*ckin best, let’s be honest

Recently, the NHL’s New York Rangers and the New York Islanders adopted service dogs in training. The Rangers named their pupperino Ranger and the Islander’s doggo is yet to be named.

So we at The Ice Garden started thinking: what would each CWHL and NWHL team name their adopted floof? Here’s what we came up with...


Worcester Blades: The Woofster Blades would adopt whatever woofer their first round draft pick Lauren Williams is training.

Toronto Furies: The Toronto Floofies ball o’ fur would be a Samoyed, also known as a big cloud dog. They’d name her “Flurry,” like a light snow flurry.

Though it does appear that Amanda Makela’s pup is their doggo.

Markham Thunder: The Barkham Thunder would name their adoptee Lightning, because Thunder and Lightning.

Calgary Inferno: The Calgary In-fur-no’s adopted woofer would be named Flame.

Les Canadiennes de Montreal: The Les Canadiennes would adopt a French Mastiff. Their doggo would be named Star, in homage to their old name as the Montreal Stars. Also in the running: “Madame Woof-Woof.”

Shenzhen KRS Vanke Rays: The KRS Vanke Rays would adopt a Chow Chow most likely. They would name her Mushu.


Boston Pride: The Pride should adopt an eagle because of the number of BC alumna on the team. But eagles are birbs, not pups, so instead they’d find a Pomeranian (the Boston Pride-eranians), and name her Nala.

Metropolitan Riveters: Rosie the Retriever, duh.

Connecticut Whale: The Corg-necituct Whale’s woofer is a corgi named Ahab or maybe Quinn (because of how many Quinnipiac alumna). We couldn’t decide.

Buffalo Beauts: The Woof-alo Beauts adopt a pug because they kinda look like mini boofalos. They’d name him Buster because they were news busters this off season.

Mini-nesota Whitecaps: The Mini-sota Whitecaps woof woof would be a Mini Dachshund named Cappy.

What do you think each team should name their dog? Let us know in the comments or in your own Fan Post.