How to Watch: NCAA

The women’s college hockey season is in full swing — but where can you watch all the action?

So you enjoy reading about women’s hockey, and are looking to further immerse yourself in the game — but where do you start?

Below, we’ve put together a handy guide to streaming all of your favorite NCAA D-I women’s hockey teams, and when their next match-up is scheduled. Get ready, because this season is sure to be a be a blast.

NCAA Women’s Hockey Streaming

Boston CollegeHockey EastWatch10/18 vs. Merrimack College
Boston UniversityHockey EastWatch10/11 vs. Merrimack College
Holy Cross UniversityHockey EastWatch10/12 vs. University of Connecticut
Merrimack CollegeHockey EastWatch10/11 @ Boston University
Northeastern UniversityHockey EastWatch10/11 @ Syracuse University
Providence CollegeHockey EastWatch10/11 @ Bemidji State University
University of ConnecticutHockey EastWatch10/11 vs. University of New Hampshire
University of MaineHockey EastWatch10/11 vs. Quinnipiac University
University of New Hampshire Hockey EastWatch10/11 @ University of Connecticut
University of VermontHockey EastWatch10/11 vs. St. Lawrence University
Lindenwood UniversityCHAWatch10/18 vs. Union College
Mercyhurst UniversityCHAESPN+ 10/11 vs. Sacred Heart University
Penn State UniversityCHAWatch10/11 vs. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Robert Morris UniversityCHAWatch10/11 vs. University of Minnesota
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)CHAWatch10/11 vs. St. Cloud State University
Syracuse UniversityCHAWatch10/11 vs. Northeastern University
Brown UniversityECACESPN+ 10/25 @ Rochester Institute of Technology
Clarkson UniversityECACESPN+ 10/18 @ Robert Morris University
Colgate UniversityECACESPN+ 10/18 vs. Syracuse University
Cornell UniversityECACESPN+ 10/25 vs. Robert Morris University
Dartmouth University ECACESPN+ 10/13 vs. McGill University
Harvard UniversityECACESPN+ 10/11 vs. McGill University
Princeton University ECACESPN+ 10/25 vs. Syracuse University
Quinnipiac University ECACWatch10/11 @ University of Maine
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)ECACWatch10/11 @ Penn State University
St. Lawrence UniversityECACWatch10/11 @ University of Vermont
Union CollegeECACWatch10/18 @ Lindenwood University
Yale University ECACESPN+ 10/12 vs. McGill University
Bemidji StateWCHAWatch10/11 vs. Providence College
Minnesota State University WCHAWatch10/11 @ University of Minnesota Duluth
Ohio State UniversityWCHAWatch10/11 vs. University of Wisconsin
St. Cloud State Univerwsity WCHAWatch10/11 @ RIT
University of MinnesotaWCHAWatch10/11 @ Robert Morris University
University of Minnesota DuluthWCHAWatch10/11 vs. Minnesota State University
University of WisconsinWCHAWatch10/11 @ Ohio State University
Franklin Pierce UniversityNEWHAWatch10/11 vs. Post University
Long Island UniversityNEWHAWatch10/18 vs. University of Wisconsin
Post UniversityNEWHAWatch10/11 @ Franklin Pierce University
Sacred Heart UniversityNEWHAESPN+10/11 @ Mercyhurst University
Saint Anselm CollegeNEWHAWatch10/18 vs. Sacred Heart University
Saint Michael's CollegeNEWHAWatch10/18 @ Post University

* Note: Some links will require further exploration of the site in question, as the streaming links were not updated at the time of the article’s publication.