How to watch 21-22 NCAA games

All the links to all the streams you’ll need this season!

If you, like me, ever get overwhelmed trying to remember how and where to watch college hockey, I’ve got you.

All of the links and information are complied from the respective conferences.


The ECAC has two options depending on where you live, in the US or internationally.

US-based fans can watch all of the games on ESPN+ for $6/month.

International fans can watch via Stretch Internet for $6/month.

Hockey East

Where to watch Hockey East games depends both on where you live and where the game is being shown.

If you live in New England, select games will only be on NESN/NESN+. The full NESN schedule has not been announced yet, but you can check Hockey East’s watch tab to see where games will be shown weekly. All other games will be free on College SportLive.

If you live outside of New England (either in the US or internationally), every game is free on College SportsLive. From there, you have to know if the game is being broadcast on NESN/NESN+ or not to find the game. If it is on NESN, select Hockey East on NESN in the drop down. If it is not on NESN, select Hockey East in the drop down.


It seems like most of the CHA games will be available at Stretch Internet. A season pass is $105.


New this year, all WCHA games can be seen on the Big Ten Network and B1G+. All matchups will be on the B1G+ platform and at least two will be televised on Big Ten Network.

The WCHA Pass is $50 per year, and it features all regular season games and the post season.
The Hockey Sports Pass is $55 per year and has all of the games, plus archived replays and an “on-demand library.”
The Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio State school pass is $70 per year or $10 a month. This has all of the WCHA games for those three schools and any other Big Ten sports from those schools shown on the B1G+.


Unlike the four older conferences, it doesn’t seem like NEWHA has a unified streaming option for their games. The best option is checking per game per team to see if they have a stream or broadcast option.