How to watch 2022 World Championships

For the first time, the World Championships tournament is being played in an Olympic year which means fans are treated to a rare August-September tournament!

This is also the first time the tournament is being held in Denmark. The host country is making their second appearance at the tournament since 1992 and hoping to avoid relegation.


The tournament features 10 teams, grouped by their IIHF ranking. Group A, playing in Herning, features Canada (the reigning gold medalists), USA, Finland, Switzerland, and Japan (in their first appearance in Group A play). Group B, playing Frederikshavn, features Czechia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and Hungary.

The two groups will play a round-robin style preliminary round. All five teams in Group A and the top three teams in Group B will advance to the quarterfinals. The last place team in Group B will be automatically relegated to Division I Group A.

The teams will play a quarterfinal game, with the winners advancing to the semifinals and the losers moving to the placement round for 5th - 8th place. The 5th place country will play in Group A in the 2023 edition of the tournament, set to be played in Canada.

The semifinal winners will move to the gold medal game while the losers will move to the bronze medal game.

How to watch

USA: All of USA’s and Canada’s preliminary games will be on NHL Network. They’ll also carry some of the quarterfinals and semifinals, as well as the bronze and gold medal games.

Canada: TSN will have all of Group A games, plus the quarterfinals, semifinals, bronze and gold medal games.


DateDayTime in DenmarkTime in ESTTeamTeam
Aug 25, 2022Thursday3:00 PM9:00 AMJapanUSA
Aug 25, 2022Thursday3:30 PM9:30 AMGermanyHungary
Aug 25, 2022Thursday7:00 PM1:00 PMFinlandCanada
Aug 25, 2022Thursday7:30 PM1:30 PMDenmarkSweden
Aug 26, 2022Friday6:30 PM12:30 PMSwitzerlandJapan
Aug 26, 2022Friday7:00 PM1:00 PMHungaryCzechia
Aug 27, 2022Saturday3:00 PM9:00 AMUSAFinland
Aug 27, 2022Saturday3:30 PM9:30 AMSwedenGermany
Aug 27, 2022Saturday7:00 PM1:00 PMCanadaSwitzerland
Aug 27, 2022Saturday7:30 PM1:30 PMCzechiaDenmark
Aug 28, 2022Sunday3:00 PM9:00 AMJapanCanada
Aug 28, 2022Sunday5:00 PM11:00 AMDenmarkHungary
Aug 29, 2022Monday3:00 PM9:00 AMFinlandJapan
Aug 29, 2022Monday3:30 PM9:30 AMGermanyCzechia
Aug 29, 2022Monday7:00 PM1:00 PMUSASwitzerland
Aug 29, 2022Monday7:30 PM1:30 PMHungarySweden
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday3:30 PM9:30 AMSwedenCzechia
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday4:00 PM10:00 AMSwiterzlandFInland
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday7:30 PM1:30 PMDenmarkGermany
Aug 30, 2022Tuesday8:00 PM2:00 PMCanadaUSA
Sep 1, 2022Thursday12:15 PM6:15 AMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 1, 2022Thursday4:15 PM10:15 AMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 1, 2022Thursday5:30 PM11:30 AMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 1, 2022Thursday8:15 PM2:15 PMQuarterfinalQuarterfinal
Sep 3, 2022Saturday12:00 PM6:00 AMPlacementPlacement
Sep 3, 2022Saturday2:00 PM8:00 AMSemifinalSemifinal
Sep 3, 2022Saturday4:00 PM10:00 AMPlacementPlacement
Sep 3, 2022Saturday6:00 PM12:00 PMSemifinalSemifinal
Sep 4, 2022Sunday11:00 AM5:00 AM5th place5th place
Sep 4, 2022Sunday3:00 PM9:00 AMBronzeBronze
Sep 4, 2022Sunday7:30 PM1:30 PMGold Gold