How to pick which NWHL team to support

Not sure which team to be a fan of? We’ve got you!

The NWHL’s Lake Placid tournament is almost here! The puck drops on Jan. 23, and the six teams will play an abbreviated 2020-21 season in two weeks instead of the typical full season.

If you’re new to the league, still looking for which team to be a fan of, and unsure of how to pick one, look no further. We’ve got a flow chart to help solve your dilemma!

If you’re still stuck, or just want to learn more about the league, check out our Beginner’s Guide to the NWHL video, which has videos from current players about why you should cheer for their team.

Beginner’s Guide to the NWHL video

Maybe you want to pick based on which jerseys you like best? The TIG staff chatted about which ones we like to help you,  and you can check out all the jersey sets for yourself.

TIG Roundtable: The jersey edition

Stay tuned for The Ice Garden’s NWHL season preview and coverage of the entire Lake Placid season!