HHOF responds to CWHL trophy auctions

With their hands tied, the HHOF looks to other to help preserve women’s hockey history

With the CWHL currently auctioning off league memorabilia and trophies as part of the liquidation process, many have raised questions over the last 72 hours about why the artifacts are not heading directly to the Hockey Hall of Fame and instead being sold to the highest bidder.

CWHL auctioning off trophies

According to emails from representatives from the HHOF to The Ice Garden, the Hall of Fame did have a conference call with the CWHL last week. While the HHOF are trying to work with them to preserve their history, the Hall is unable to purchase any artifacts themselves due to their status as a registered charity.

They did however express interest in purchased items being donated to The Hall with tax receipts being available for the amount paid in return.

For those looking at purchasing with the intent to donate, the HHOF would like to express that, due to curation criteria, they can only collect game worn/used items and/or trophies. Unfortunately, the team-signed jerseys and sticks that were not used in a game, will not be accepted along with the framed photos. However game worn jerseys, game used equipment (gloves, helmets, skates, etc), game used sticks, and, of course, the trophies would all be welcomed at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Additionally, the Hockey Hall of Fame is in the process of trying to secure the Clarkson Cup for preservation. However, they are currently unaware of the status of the Angela James Bowl as it was removed from the auction after initially being listed.

Many fans have stepped up to try to save the pieces of history. Kirsten Whelan of Victory Press and Jared Book of Eyes on the Prize have created a GoFundMe, with a plan that Whelan shared via Twitter. Others have shared their intent via Twitter in attempts to keep everyone from bidding on the same pieces and driving up the prices.