Her or Me with Les Canadiennes goalies Emerance Maschmeyer and Genevieve Lacasse

Find out who is more superstitious, flexible, and more!

Have you ever wanted to know who is more superstitious between Les Canadiennes goaltenders Emerance Maschmeyer and Genevieve Lacasse? What about whose gear smells worse or who would survive on a desert island longer?

We wondered too, so we asked them! You are definitely going to want the volume up for these.

Check out their answers from when Montreal visited Worcester in November.

Click here if the embeded video doesn’t show up.

Thanks to Emerance and Genevieve for their time (and the rest of Les Canadiennes team who played along behind the video).

Are there other goalie duos or pairs of players, we should play Her or Me with? Let us know who you’d like to see in the comments below.