Help Needed: Archiving women’s hockey analytics projects and data on MetaHockey

Aid in preserving women’s hockey analytics history on Oct. 23rd

Out of the 100+ projects and data sources that have brought women’s hockey analytics to where it is today, only seven are available alongside men’s hockey projects and data on the centralized hockey analytics repository MetaHockey.

As this sport gains momentum and more people engage with women’s hockey analytics through events like the Big Data Cup, it is crucial that all of these projects are available to provide a strong foundation for people to start and continue working with women’s hockey data.

On October 23rd, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET, an archiving event will be hosted that aims to archive women’s hockey analytics projects, conferences, and data sources by creating entries in a spreadsheet that will be plugged into During this event, the organizers and other experts in women’s hockey analytics will be on a Zoom call where people can hang out while archiving, ask questions about entry formatting, and get help finding information for entries. In other words, it will be a nerdy jamboree that will preserve and organize women’s hockey data for everyone.

To speed up the archiving process, there will be a “to archive” list available of people who have done whockey analytics projects, conferences where whockey analytics have been done, and whockey data sources. There will also be a detailed “how to archive” instruction manual to make spreadsheet entry creation flow smoothly.

The goal is to use these to create a Meta Hockey entry for each project, conference, and data source related to women’s hockey analytics. The spreadsheet of Meta Hockey entries will remain open for the following week for any additional asynchronous archiving that needs to be done.

We have everything in place, all that is missing is you.

Sign up to receive the Zoom link and other archiving materials here:

Note: you don’t need to have background knowledge of women’s hockey to help contribute to this project! We just need people who are willing and able and want to help us do something that we think is pretty nifty.