Hayley Wickenheiser named to Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadian hockey icon named in her first year of eligibility

Hayley Wickenheiser is officially in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

There should be no question as to why she got in on her first year of eligibility. Wickenheiser is one of the most decorated hockey players ever. Her career spanned two decades, multiple leagues, multiple accolades, and multiple firsts. She played in the inaugural women’s Olympic hockey tournament and was first woman to ever play men’s professional hockey in Finland, in the third-tier Suomi-Sarja. She won four Olympic gold medals, one Olympic silver, seven World Championship golds, and six Worlds silvers.

In 26 Olympic games, she scored an unheralded 51 points (18 goals, 33 assists) in 26 games. The next closest player has 32 points in 21 games. In the 2006 Olympics alone, she had 17 points in five games — or 3.40 points per game. In 61 World Championships games she has 86 points.

In short: her international numbers are unheard of, legendary.

Currently, Wickenheiser is blazing another trail in hockey — working with the Toronto Maple Leafs as Assistant Director of Player Development. Outlined in an recent ESPN article, she watches prospect game tape, run the AHL team’s practices a few times, and more, all while going to medical school.

Wickenheiser is the seventh woman to be inducted into the HHOF. Last year, Jayna Hefford was inducted. Danielle Goyette was inducted in 2017 as well as Angela Ruggiero (2015), Geraldine Heaney (2013), Cammi Granato (2010) and Angela James (2010).