GamerDoc, The Ice Garden to host new YouTube talk show

Locker Room Talk will premier on June 22

We’re extremely excited to announce a brand new talk show, Locker Room Talk hosted by GamerDoc and Eleni. The 10-episode, prerecorded show will air on our YouTube channel on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. eastern, starting on June 22.

Locker Room Talk will feature the latest women’s hockey news, all the best memes, chirps, unfiltered interviews with players from around the sport, and more.

Previously, GamerDoc hosted Open Ice, the NWHL’s Twitch show. “I want to create something interesting, something thought-provoking, that tells real stories, about real people. Something that will bring new viewers fall in love with women’s hockey, and old viewers remember why they did in the first place,” GamerDoc, who is a licensed medical professional, said about Locker Room Talk.

Eleni is formerly TIG’s social media manager and currently a lawyer. “I feel like in women’s hockey we do so much talking about the sport and so little talking to the sport. I wanted to be a part of having conversations that include the sport, meet it where it’s at, and help understand and evolve it,” Eleni said on why she wanted to create the show.

Be sure to follow The Ice Garden, GamerDoc, and Locker Room Talk on Twitter as well as subscribe to our YouTube channel. You’re not going to want to miss an episode!

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