Game of Skates: Hockey Players as Game of Thrones Houses

Mild spoilers ahead...

I want to start off by saying that my Game of Thrones knowledge is by no means encyclopedic (although my women’s hockey knowledge is). I’m sure these will be controversial; feel free to leave comments to let us know what your picks would be and why!

Hilary Knight of House Lannister

Something tells me that Hilary Knight always pays her debts. How many times have we seen a team manhandle her, only to watch her return on her next shift and score against them? A lot of the time, she’s unstoppable. You may see her coming, but there’s not much you can do to prepare for her when she arrives. A Lannister is ambitious and thinks often of the legacy they leave behind, and when they roar, you hear it.

Shannon Szabados of House Greyjoy

A goaltender does not score. A Greyjoy does not sow. Szabados, like the Greyjoys, is known for taking—taking scoring opportunities and stealing games. House Greyjoy is notorious for amassing its wealth by raiding. Szabados’ version is a lot more fun. This house has a habit of bucking the trend when it comes to politics, boasting an almost-democracy and a trend of ignoring those in power to do what they think is right. #ForTheGame, anyone?

Marie-Philip Poulin of House Targaryen

“Every time a new Targaryen is born, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.” Though the Targaryens are known for madness, the truth is that they are capable only of extremes: extreme greatness, or extreme derangement. Clearly, Poulin’s coin landed on ‘greatness.’ Like the best of the Targaryens, Poulin is clever (have you seen her stickhandle?) and brave, motivated by glory and determined to achieve their goals (in this case, literally). Targaryens know in their hearts they are destined for the throne, as Poulin knows she’s destined for gold.

Noora Räty of House Baratheon

Nobody is a better warrior than a Baratheon. After seeing Räty’s performance this past Women’s Worlds, I think we can all agree you can say the same for her. Baratheons are unpredictable—part of the reason it’s so difficult to score on her is because it’s next to impossible to guess where her weak spots are going to be. A Baratheon commands loyalty and admiration. It’s pretty clear after the 2019 Worlds Final that Team Finland will- and does- follow Noora willingly into battle, the way anyone would follow a Baratheon, born to lead the fight.

Brianna Decker of House Stark

Nobody is more honest than a Stark. Decker is a tough physical player whose size has no effect on the way that she plays. Like all Starks, she is incredibly proficient, striking quickly and surprising others with her strength. Starks are relentless, as is Decker in the offensive zone. For a Stark, teamwork is of paramount importance; even when Decker doesn’t wear a letter, she is a major part of any team, and often the glue that holds it together.