Five Thoughts: Czechia After Two

The Czechs took a hard loss against Team USA, but they also take lessons forward to their game against Canada.

Five Thoughts: Czechia After Two
Michaela Pejzlová takes a faceoff against the US on Friday. Photo via Czech Ice Hockey Federation.

On Friday, Czechia played their second game of the 2024 Women’s World Championships against Team USA. They were shut out 6-0 with shots favoring the US 48-19, and Alex Carpenter scored a hat trick. She and Czech goaltender Klára Peslarová were named Players of the Game.

Penalties and Power Plays

The US took four penalties in the first period, including Rory Guilday’s minor for roughing after the end of the period. To their credit, Czechia drew seven power play opportunities in total against an American team that could not seem to maintain their discipline. However, they did not convert on any of them, instead conceding a shorthanded goal. With the skater advantage, Czechia barely managed to get set up in USA’s zone. This American team is extremely speedy and constantly iced the puck. Though Czechia rose to the occasion in mirroring the US’s style, they couldn’t do it as well as the home team.


This was a very physical game. Generally speaking, European teams get run over by the willingness of the North American teams to use their bodies, but Czechia were definitely prepared coming in. They shoved, they threw hits, they lifted sticks and asserted body position. It did seem to take the Americans aback, and the game looked more even than the shot count would suggest over the first two periods. However, Czechia also got tired much faster than the Americans. Somewhere in the second they lost their edge and started getting left behind, and the Americans took advantage.


In the first, Czechia looked confident and determined. Even as their legs started getting slower in the second period, there was still spirit and grind in the team. Then Alex Carpenter scored for the US just after Czechia killed a penalty, and Laila Edwards scored 59 seconds later. Going to the locker room mere minutes after that seemed deflating, and that sense grew when USA scored a shorthanded goal and then an even-strength goal in the first five minutes of the third. Although the team continued fighting, the game was pretty much decided there. 

The Goals

All of the US goals came from right around the crease or the low slot. It speaks to the Americans’ ability to get thor shooters to those positions and connect with them. Their passing allowed them to spread out the ice, so Team Czechia will have to be better about marking those players in dangerous areas and lifting sticks or closing those lanes. It goes on a list of things to attend to against this team, no doubt.

The Next Opponent

Czechia will play Canada on Sunday. Canada took down Switzerland 3-0 on Friday, just before Czechia’s game against the US. I think that the style of play will match up better against Canada than against the US. In their game against FInland, Czechia showed that they are proficient at using physicality and speed to negate skilled play. Canada is not lacking in physicality, but they’re not overflowing with it like the NCAA-packed American roster, and that could make for a more evenly-matched game. Playing at the high speed of the Canadian core who have mostly played together for years will be the biggest challenge.

Bonus Thought:

Is it dusty in here?