Film Photo Gallery: PWHL Boston vs PWHL New York, Feb. 17

Hockey photos, but on film.

Film Photo Gallery: PWHL Boston vs PWHL New York, Feb. 17
(Photo by Michelle Jay)

Film photography is having a bit of renaissance, and I am not immune to that trend. It's not a new medium to me, though. Most of my freshman year classes at the arts college I went to at the time were film-only courses!

Over the years, I've taken Instax photos at games and used disposable cameras for fun. Back in 2018, I tried to photograph a Boston Pride game with film but the combination of shooting through the glass and old film created less than ideal results.

I finally had the time, bandwidth, and gear to try again at a recent PWHL Boston game!

This time, I used an old Canon EOS Elan 7ne with modern 24-70 and 70-200 (my normal lenses for photographing hockey) and a roll of Cinestill 80oT. I had the film processed and scanned at a local lab in Somerville, MA called Lumentation. If you're in the area or are comfortable shipping your film out to be developed, I highly recommend them!

The tungsten balanced film probably wasn't necessary as it created a bit more of a color cast than I typically like. The lab scanned them as normal and I did a small amount of color balancing to get them closer to my taste.

Here's a few of my favorites from the game, and you can check out the digital photos in my normal gallery!

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