A final farewell: Corinne Buie hangs up the skates

Congratulations on a terrific career.

I’ve written a few features on Corinne Buie over the years, and this will be the hardest one yet, even though it’s the shortest ... because it’ll be the last.

After a six-year professional career, the former Beauts captain and Minnesota native has decided to call it a night — and while it was somewhat expected after seeing her not sign with any PHF team this offseason ... it’s still a bit of a stinger.

If you’ve read any of my work over the years, you’ll know I’ve admired Buie for a long time. I’ve admired her well-rounded style of play, her quiet yet confident leadership, her soft-spoken nature off the ice. Whenever I’ve spoken with her, she would answer thoughtfully, giving respect to each question. Though she started her pro career in Boston with the CWHL’s Blades and then the Pride (even winning two championships there), I’ve always thought she made the perfect Beaut — hardworking, humble, aware that talent doesn’t do it all. She was never the flashiest player on the ice, but when she was on it, you paid attention. You knew she had everything under control, and that quality put fans and teammates alike at ease through four full seasons in Buffalo.

Obviously the Beauts of her time and the Beauts of today are two very different teams, but her legacy remains. She’s still tied with Kourtney Kunichika for second overall in franchise scoring with 42 points. She still has her jersey and shirsey proudly displayed on the backs of longtime fans who come to Northtown to watch the new era of players. Her last-ever professional game was played in Amherst, though she did retire technically as a Whitecap; unfortunately, Minnesota fans never quite got the pleasure of seeing her in their black, white, and blue.

The team always says, “Once a Beaut, forever a Beaut,” and that rings as true for Corinne Buie as for anyone else who’s worn Beauts blue. Turns out Blink-182 was wrong about one thing: everyone loved this No. 23, and we always will.

Best of luck, Buie.