Fantasy NCAA Hockey Week 2: Trades and Top Tens

The first trades

Happy weekend everyone as we head into our second weekend of the season! The first round of trades have been implemented in the teams tab in the spreadsheet. Please check to make sure I got yours right. If I completely missed yours or made a terrible mistake, please let me know at before 6 p.m. Eastern, the time of the puck drop on the first game — I can only make changes after that time if there’s supporting evidence that I was actually told before that time.

Based on the trades I’ve executed to date, 14 of our 31 managers have made trades. The only player acquired by more than one manager was Jenna Brenneman (Penn State, $4.50) and the only player sold by more than one manager was Caitrin Lonergan (BC, $73.70) as concerns linger about her injury last weekend. Our top ten schools by picks are:

  • 1: Clarkson (70, last week 1);
  • 2=: BC (57, last week 2);
  • 2=: Wisconsin (57, last week 3);
  • 4: Minnesota (50, last week 4);
  • 5: OSU (27, last week 5=);
  • 6: Northeastern (25, last week 5=);
  • 7=: Minnesota-Duluth (21, last week 7);
  • 7=: UConn (21, last week 8=);
  • 9: Colgate (20, last week 8=);
  • 10=: Maine (10, last week 10=);
  • 10=: Penn State (10, last week 13);/

Our top ten players by picks are:

Daryl Watts (BC, $77.90, 17); Loren Gabel (Clarkson, $70.80, 16); Elizabeth Giguère (Clarkson, $65.40, 16); T.T. Cianfarano (Clarkson, $37.40, 16); Sophie Shirley (Wisconsin, $25.70, 16); Annie Pankowski (Wisconsin, $38.90, 13); Jincy Dunne (OSU, $37, 12); Kassidy Sauvé (Clarkson, $54.20, 11); Maddie Rooney (Minnesota-Duluth, $40.50, 11); Natalie Snodgrass (UConn, $35.50, 11); Alina Mueller (Northeastern, $25, 11).

So there’s been a little movement in both top tens, and of course you’d expect movement to be slow given the one-trade rule. Penn State benefit from their great results last weekend against Colgate; OSU go up in the rankings and up in total picks, though I would expect Colgate to be a tougher test for OSU than Quinnipiac were. Amanda Zeglen started both games for OSU, but OSU have several options in goal, so maybe this series will bring some more clarity on that goalie situation.

Good luck this weekend, everyone!